[Mar 14, 2012] Ranbat 5.1.1 SSFIV AE2012 Singles Tourney-... (T.T.F.- If you need address p.m. me)

[LEFT]Hello I finally found a set schedule for T.T.F. Since there are tourneys every Tuesday at B.S.L., I made the T.T.F. ranbats every 2 weeks and only 1 game will be played for the player that wants to save money. So starting 3/14 will be 5.1.1 for Super, 3/28 will be Marvel, and 4/11 will be SFxT. The Wednesday between the ranbats will be strictly casuals. There will be a ranbat pot for this season.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doors open @ 7:30[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doors close when tourney is over.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tourney sign ups:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7:30PM- 8:30PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tourney starts:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]House fee:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tourney fee:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$7.00; $5.00 to the pot; $2.00 to season pot.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cash Payouts/ Points for UMVC3:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st- 70% of the pot/ 10 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd- 20% of the pot/ 7 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd- 10% of the pot/ 5 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4th- 3 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th- 2 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th- 2 points[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th- 1 point[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th- 1 point[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SSFIVAE2012 Singles-[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+Game version: US Playstation 3 or X Box 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, No Handicap[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+ Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+Winner may change ultra, but has to pick ultra first after loser picks character.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]In the end of each season the season pot will be split for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.[/LEFT]

tonight is the tourney if people still go on srk
if you need the address please pm me