[Mar 15, 2012] Bellingham TILT Arcades: March 15 Season 2 Premier! (Bellingham, Washington)


[LEFT]Introducing Bellingham Tilt’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Season 2 Tournament.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Here’s your chance to prove your skill and win some prizes provided by Bellingham Tilt Arcades![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Prizes will be distributed at the end of the season for the chance to earn the giant pot at the[/LEFT][LEFT]end of the season (month)!

Grand Master 1st: $100
Second Lord 2nd: $50
Third Baron 3rd: $35

-Tournament Features-
Set up:
Displays: LCD TVs
Systems: Playstation 3
Controllers: Pads will be provided but if you need a joystick please provide your own. Competitors/friends can lend but they are not mandatory!

Tournament Style:
-Double Elimination Brackets with RANDOM byes
-Rounds are first to 3
-Grand finals are first to 5
-Loser qualifier at Grand Finals must win first set of 5. Then another first to 5 set to win.

Season Rules:
-Results and point scales will vary depending on attendance and placing in the tournament. For example:
-For attending you will qualify for points and those points are determined by how well you do at the tournament and how many people attend. If 12 people attend points will be distributed as such:

1st Place: 16 pts
2nd Place: 15 pts
3rd Place: 14 pts
4th Place: 13 pts
5th Place: 12 pts
6th Place: 12 pts
7th Place: 11 pts
8th Place: 11 pts
9th - 12th Place: 10pts

The points system is scaled depending on attendance. The more competition the bigger the gauntlet. You will earn those points! If you have any questions about your points and your season standings feel free to contact any of the United Fighters admins.

Bring your friends! Bring your skills! And bring your game face! It’s season 2 and the hype has just gotten bigger and the competition more fierce! See you at the seats!

Provided the attendance and how many people are interested a second Playstation 3 system will be set up for casual sets and will be used a “practice/friendly” match system to discuss and compare ideas and techniques about your favorite fighting game!

Possible Casuals:
Street Fighter x Tekken
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat
Blazblue: CSII Extend
The King of Fighters XIII
Soul Calibur V

Post on the wall if you have any recommendations on which CASUAL set up you want![/LEFT]