Algonquin College: Game Fest One. Sponsored by GO Gaming.
Saturday, March 16th, 10am to Midnight.


Algonquin College - Robert Gillett Building
1385 Woodroffe Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario.
e206, Second Floor above the Starbucks


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v. 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Persona 4 Arena
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter x Tekken
Super Smash Bros. Melee

We’ll be holding tournaments for every other relevant title provided we can get entrants. We have the time, space, copies and equipment to run everything. Tournament schedule for all games will be posted closer to the date. Bring your own controller.

$10 Entry fee for main tournaments (SF4 & UMvC3)
$5 Entry fee for side tournaments

PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: 70/20/10 split.

FORMAT will vary by game but the standard rules for each will apply.

SCHEDULE: Venue is available starting at 10AM until midnight on the day of the tournament.

DIRECTOR: Krackatoa


10 - Noon - Door opens, Casual stations.
1pm - Casuals end (on stations being used for tournament).
1pm- SSBB
2pm - P4A / Blaz Blue (SSBM if bracket is filled)
3pm - SSF4AE
4pm - TTT2
5pm - UMVC3
6pm - Dedicated Side Tournament slot
7pm - (Floater Slot / Over Flow)

Tournament and freeplay stations. 8 ASUS stations and 360s provided by GO Gaming. Space for pending volunteer displays is being made available. PS3 stations for certain games will be made available as acquired.
Spacious 120 person conference hall. Tables and chairs provided. Two Full HD projectors.

For Parking, try Lot 12.

Starbucks and generic noodleshop connected to the venue. Tim Horton’s and restaurants close by.
Venue located just south off the 417 highway.
As most of our costs are being handled by Algonquin College, venue costs for console gamers at the event is free. Show up, put down your $5 to enter whatever tourney you like, or just play casuals.

Hey there, Ontario and Quebec. This is Bruce “Krackatoa” Szego of the FGC.

Apparently, Ottawa’s Algonquin College has a new, $75,000,000 building with all the electrical, networking, and space we need to throw a kickass series of tournaments. With the help of GO Gaming, the Algonquin Competitive Gaming Club has the equipment it needs to run every kind of tournament we can get players for.

I can’t even begin to say how awesome this venue is. You’ll have to come see it for yourself. It is SOLID, and the school will be providing as much electrical as we can cart from their IT department. This also means venue costs are next to nothing. Which means you pay nothing for attendance. Venue is free. Outside of the tournament stations, console stations are OPEN, with space for volunteer/BYO stations being provided. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, but there is the on-campus pub open until 10pm, and a local pub across the street.

We’re looking to run these double-elim brackets in a timely fashion, so you can get on with your day/go eat/go drink/etc. This will be Algonquin’s first big event, so we’re looking to make it a good one.

So there you have it. We’re keeping our ears open to the community to put on the kind of event you guys want to see. What you want is what we want, and we will bilk the Canadian school system for everything they’re willing to give us.

Come on down and bop some folks.


For more information on parking


There is NO PARKING FEE on weekends, in other words it’s FREE. You could park wherever you want (lot 8,9 and 12) this Saturday.

Ottawa Thread 2013

I’m hoping to play some KOF at the event. Should I bring my PS3 and game or will there be a setup for it there?


If you have a stick / controllers please bring them!

See you all tomorrow!


I’ll be bringing my KOFXIII even though I’m beyond terrible at it.

Also, MTL Melee is asking me about what time they should try to do their tourney. I told them Brawl was listed for 1pm and that last I checked Melee was down for 2pm. This leaves things a bit confusing in some cases. I’m thinking that should be fine, but if you guys have other set in stone ideas, please let me know.


If there is signifigant showing for melee it will be run around the same time as brawl (1-2 PM). 8 player bracket minimum.


Just in case it wasn’t clear, we were getting together for the Guilty Gear tournament at 1.


UPDATE. e206 is the location in the building. Second Floor above the Starbucks.


Hello everyone, I realize this is an old post, but I just moved to Ottawa and I am looking for a place to go into tournament play for SSB Melee- any suggetions, or will you be doing this again soon?