[Mar 17, 2012] Game Underground: Massholes Clash! (3/17/12) (Framingham, MA)

Where: 1251 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701
When: March 17, 2012
**Sign-ups: **12:00 pm, Tournament Begins at 1:00pm

[LEFT]Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 - $10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - $10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter x Tekken - $10[/LEFT]

Alright guys the time has come. Get your asses out here. I’m waiting to be shocked and appalled by your SFxT teams, your Marvel shit talk, and your 2012 HYPE. Come out and get good at fighting games with us. Tourneys are the place to do just that! Let’s talk about the rules:

[LEFT]Tournament is Standard Double Elimination format![/LEFT]
[LEFT]2012: 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Mahvel: **2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**SFxT: **2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]

Players can elect a blind character select if they wish.
Character lock on win - You may change your character if you lose a game.
Stage Select will be RANDOM at all times!!
Cash pot will be split between all games - 70/20/10
Venue Fee is $5

Winner/Loser’s Finals as well as Grand Finals will be Best 3/5 Sets.
Seeding will be done by region if requested (like if you’re paired up with someone you drove down with), otherwise it will be random.

If you wanna get your venue fee waved, bring a System, game and/or Asus monitor! Post up in the Game Underground, MA thread if you plan on doing so so we don’t get 30 extra systems lying around.

Hopefully in there.

do all games start at the same time? is AE on 360? what about casuals between matches?

  1. Probably not. They’ll probably want to use all of the setups for one tournament at a time to plow right through it. Plus it allows people to enter multiple tournaments without one person holding up matches. At least that would be the smart thing to do IMO, but I’ve never run anything other than rinky-dink $1 tourneys.
  2. Probably. At least I hope so. The only reason that I can foresee it not being as such is because PS3 is the community standard. That standard is ill-conceived(Will).
  3. Probably not. See point 1.

You can count me in for 1 Arcade Edition Disc, 1 UMVC3 disc, one 360 and an ASUS. Let me knowif you need any extra copies of Soul Calibur V.

Can we run kof13 side tournament?

What are the rules regarding gems in SFxT? Which system(s) will this be held on?

That would be cool.

Are signups for every game at 12pm or just the first game that you guys are running? Because waking up early for an hour drive to sign up, then waiting like 4 hours for AE to finish just doesn’t seem appealing. Also, If I bring ps3 copies of UMvC3, SFxTK, and SSF4 does that waive my venue fee? Or do I also need to bring a system?

You don’t even play

Anybody live near Randolph so I could get a ride… =[[[[

I’ll prob show up. Anyone else from RI gona go?

Tourneys will be on 360. As long as you guys are cool with it, I’m down. The store’s machines and game copies are more convenient for that anyway, haha. If you guys feel like getting your venue fee waved, bring an ASUS monitor or a setup. Just let me know so we don’t have a ton of people be like “LOL FREE ENTRY?” and have way too many setups.

But yeah, I’m starting each respective tourney once Top 8 begins for its preceding game. I could give a start time, but who goes by CLOCKS when you’re running on tourney-time anyway. Oh, a tentative schedule you say? I’ll just pull one out of my arse on the spot.

SFxT 12:00pm
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmahvel 3:00pm
201234567890 5:00pm

Yeah. That’ll go over smoothly. Yup.

I can’t go! I have prior engagements as they say. Profound sadness. :frowning:

I expect to see you all at the Fall River tournament the following week. Find the thread in this section if you don’t know of it! :smiley:

I got work till 3. Tournament time says I could make Marvel, so I might try to trek it out, but it’ll be cuttin it really close unless you don’t expect it to actually start till like 4

We may start earlier. What is happening, in actuality, is that we are starting Marvel when SFxT top 8 begins.

tactics that will ensure my victory

I honestly doubt i will wake up in time to get there for 12 for SFxT, we’ll see though. lol

Why is sfxtk so early?? Why not AE first? . . . . . .sigh Now I have to get up early and what not. . . . . .

I may wind up making this after all! Still up in the air.

Sleeping in on days where you must secure victory as best Cap for America and all your fans? . . . . . respect lost