[Mar 17, 2012] WHBs CrossOver - SFxT- SCV- KOF13 (Fairfax, VA)

The people that brings you outstanding quality tournaments via MAK and VATR, they are hosting other games March 17th (Saturday); SFxT, SCV, KOF. Depending on the response from the community and the turnouts for this event, we may or may not consistently host those following games. So if you ever wanted WHB to host any of these games besides MK or Tekken, make some noise and get people to enter!

Tournaments: SFxT - SCV - KOF13

Here is a link for those interested.

When and Schedule:
Marth 17th, 2012
11:00 AM Admins start setting up
01:00 AM SFxT Starts
03:00 PM SCV Starts
05:00 PM KOF13 Starts
10:00 PM Doors Close
George Mason University
Johnson Center (JC)- 3rd Floor, Room E

4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 - Google Directions to the exact Parking Lot!!
There is a food court at the first floor.
Parking and Metro:
Please park at Lot A if possible but there are other free parking lots at K,L,J, and C.
[INDENT]**Links: **
Google Directions to the exact Parking Lot!!
Get to VIENNA METRO STATION and go to the NORTH exit and a mason shuttle should arrive near the parking deck every 30 minutes. “METRO TO MASON”. For more detailed instructions, check out this website provided by GMU. For additional personal help, please call Sayco or email any of the admins or ask on FB or SOMETHING![/INDENT]
Tournaments: prizes, fees, discounts, rules, etc
1v1 Double Elimination 70/20/10; FT2 (Best 2 of 3 Matches)

Entry $10 per person per tournament
Venue $10 per person
Parking FREE

GMU Student: $5 Discount
**Bring PS3+Game *** $5 Discount
**Bring non-lagging screen *** $5 Discount
*must notify us prior to tournament date. if you bring a tv/monitor that lags, you will not be eligible to receive the discount even though you brought it physically.
**maximum dollar amount discount possible is $5

-Two wired 360 controller converter
-We will order pizza and drinks
-If any other state wants to join in on the exhibition please come out and we’ll arrange one
For more questions please contact us at

I’ll join sfxtekken probably :o why don’t you ever host sf4? =(

We believe Xanadu is doing a great job at the moment with SF and Marvel so we’re not in any rush to provide more tournaments for those games. Not saying we never will. We actually might do another CrossOver for SF and Marvel but that decision is still pending within the WEHITBUTTONS admin team.

Come for SFXT then and if we see a big enough showing for it, and a big enough demand for SF4 then it would help us make our decision.

roughly 2 more weeks. PRACTICE UP!! my goal is to get 30 entrants for KOF XIII and Soulcalibur V.

I can bring a lagless TV.

Whoever rides with me can bring a PS3 with KOF, and all characters.

hav, there might be a plethora of asus monitors, so you probably won’t even have to lug your tv. we do need ps3’s with complete content. i’ll let you know if we need da tv though.

and i’ll just leave this here:

I can probably make this, if so I can bring an asus monitor or ps3 (+ kof/sfxt) - whichever you need more. I haven’t touched anything but training/versus in KOF, how much is there to unlock?

the dlc characters

ryry and steve h will be attending. rogueyoshi more than likely will be here. let’s make this a big KOF event for the east coast!!


No sound :sad:

i’ll see what we can do. we’ll probably just hook them up to computer speakers.

i can bring a ps3/sfxt.

Jag -

Is there space to bring non-tourney setups?

we might have a setup for casuals but space is tight.

1 more week folks