[Mar 17, 2012] Windy City Showdown Prime at Nickel City (Northbrook, IL)

Windy City Showdown and Nickel City present
Windy City Showdown Prime

Saturday, March 17th: March Madness

Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

The big tournament is back! New venue. New night. More games. More payouts. And now with ranking points. Let’s put the Midwest on the map.

The Tournaments: Five will be held, in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, King of Fighters XIII, and Street Fighter x Tekken. More may be added for other games (Soul Calibur V, Skullgirls, Guilty Gear XXAC) if there is enough interest.

The Setups: PLEASE BRING EQUIPMENT! If you have a system, game disc, or cables and you can bring them to the event, please do. We want to make sure we have enough set-ups for both the tournament matches as well as casuals. Be sure to bring your own stick or pad as well.

The Systems: All Capcom games will be held on XBox 360. All non-Capcom games will be held on PS3.

The Price: The SSF4: AE12 and UMvC3 tournaments are $15 to enter. The MK9, KoFXIII, and SFxT tournaments are $10 to enter.

The Payout [NEW!!!]: Payout has been specially designed in order to pay out the Top 25% of people who enter. How it will work is as follows:
[]12 or fewer entrants - 1st place: 50% of pot, 2nd place: 30%, 3rd place: 20%
]13-16 entrants - 1st: 50% of remaining pot*, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%, 4th: Entry fee
[]17-24 entrants - 1st: 50% of remaining pot, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%, 4th: Entry fee + $5, 5th/6th: Entry fee
[]25-32 entrants - 1st: 50% of remaining pot, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%, 4th: Entry fee + $10, 5th/6th: Entry fee + $5, 7th/8th: Entry fee
[]33-48 entrants - 1st: 50% of remaining pot, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%, 4th: Entry fee + $15, 5th/6th: Entry fee + $10, 7th/8th: Entry fee + $5, 9th-12th: Entry fee
And so on. Note that the “*” for remaining pot means the pot after all places 4th and lower have been paid out.
To make things more enticing, I’ll be throwing in some money of my own into the pot. I’ll be adding an additional $30 for SSF4 and UMvC3, and an addition $20 for SFxT, MK, and KoFXIII. And if a game should happen to get 32 or more entrants, I’ll double the pot bonus for that game.
Also, as a special bonus for the SFxT tournament, the winner will receive a complimentary dual mod courtesty of Chicago’s own Dannkk.

The Schedule (Subject to Change):
6:00 pm - Venue available
6:45 pm - Sign-up starts for all tournaments
7:20 pm - Sign-up ends for SSF4: AE12 and MK9
7:30 pm - SSF4: AE12 and MK9 tournaments begin
8:35 pm - Sign-up ends for SFxT and KoFXIII
8:45 pm - SFxT and KoF XIII tournaments begin
9:50 pm - Sign-up ends for UMvC3
10:00 pm - UMvC3 tournament begins

Early Sign-up: If you do not think that you will be able to make it to the venue on time or you would just prefer to have your name entered early, please notify the tournament organizer ahead of time (see below) so you will be entered into the bracket.

The Volunteers: We will need volunteers to help out with the duty of running brackets. Please contact the tournament organizer (see below) if you are willing to volunteer. Take note that if you are entered into a tournament, you will not be permitted to run the bracket for that tournament unless there is another volunteer–possibly also entered into the same tournament–available to assist you.

The Rules: All tournaments are double elimination. Matches are best 2 out of 3 games format. After a game, the losing player may change his character(s). The winning player play may not change his character(s), though he may change his Ultra (in SSF4) or his order (in KoFXIII). Winners, losers, an grand finals will be best 3 out of 5 games, except for KoF, where they will remain 2 out of 3. In SSF4: AE, Blanka’s 3rd alternate costume is banned. In UMvC3, players may opt to select Bonne Wonderland for the stage. In MK9, Kratos, Kratos’ Stage, and the Street Stage are banned. Also for MK, all Kombat Kodes are banned except for No Blood (900 900), which is encouraged. In KoFXIII, the all-white purgatory stage is banned. In SFxT, gems are banned. PS3 Dualshock Wireless controllers are permitted only with a connecting cord and with the understanding that they must remain off when they are not being used. If any irregularities or disputes occur, the players involved should attempt to resolve them among themselves. If they cannot, only then may it be referred to the tournament organizer.

The Tech [NEW!!!]: Dannkk will be on site at the event providing dual mods to those in need.

The Stream: Stream will be provided by the amazing Medina4Life: www.twitch.tv/medina4life

The Tournament Organizers:
Max aka CurlyW (Phone 301-404-0316, E-mail maxwasserman@gmail.com, Twitter @maxwasserman)
Domingo aka Tactics (Phone 630-433-6979, E-mail domingoayala3@gmail.com, Twitter @WCS_Tactics)

If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please contact one of the tournament organizers.

Hope to see everyone there. It’ll be Limsane.

“In SFxT, gems are banned”

Gems are truly outrageous. Truly truly truly, outrageous.



Just curious re: gems softban, you think that’ll be a full-time thing or is that just going to be when the game is new?

WTF i spent 50$ on gems why are they banned?!? ; ;

Sweet, looking forward to participating again.
Quick Question, If I bring my 360 Along with MK9 can we play that on the 360 instead of the PS3? I’m not really used to playing MK9 on the PS3

What is the reasoning behind banning gems? And why is this tournament starting so late on a saturday? It makes things very difficult if I have to start my drive back to WI at midnight.

Blanka’s 3rd costume is banned? You can try, but you’ll never crush Carnival.

Simply because as of this moment, all we know about the gems is that they take a really long time to assign, which would dramatically slow down the tournament. Also, because we’re relying on many people to provide their systems for the event, we cannot guarantee that gems will be standard across all setups. Rather than deal with these things, I took the decision to ban the gems outright. It’s possible that the USB functionality may solve that problem, but we don’t have any details about that system yet. If the USB method does turn out to be an acceptable fix, then I may reconsider. For now, this is more convenient.

The tournament starts later than most Saturday tournaments because as of now, that is the earliest at which we are guaranteed to be able to get into the room. If it turns out that the room is available to us earlier in the day, then I may move the time up slightly.

Almost all MK players that I have talked to consider PS3 to be the standard. If you do not have a PS3 controller, there are other controllers or PS to 360 converters that you can purchase or borrow.

Instead of driving back to WI late, crash at someone’s house and drive back sunday.

Me being the broke mofo that I am, I am slightly pissed that I have to go all the way to Northbrook just to play some games. I’ll have to be glorified taxi service to a bunch of you dudes to even afford getting there, let alone the tourney fees.

Ooh, this will just about when this quarter ends at school. I’ll probably end up going.

I don’t think gems should be banned before even trying them. I mean…the game isn’t even out yet. What other tournaments have banned them? I get that there’s some logistics issues, but unless the whole country is going to ban them and throw out the system, we need to be learning how to use gems.

Aw max you shouldn’t have.

I highly doubt SG will be out before then, but if it is I will run a side tournament for it. $15 for the big two sounds fun as well, and I look forward to seeing details about the payout structure. GET HYPE!

That’s fair, thanks for the reasoning.

This has NOTHING to do with how gems function in gameplay. This has everything to do with the limited amount of time and number of stations we will have running the game, the expected turnout, and the fact that we cannot afford to lose 4 extra minutes per bracket matchup to gem setup.

“10:00 pm - UMvC3 tournament begins”

WHY!?!?!? This is just silly.

edit: Who is going to enforce that umvc3 starts on time? Starting a tournament at 10pm just doesn’t make any sense to me, if it starts on time. Sorry if it sounds like if I’m being harsh, but whats the reasoning behind this?

How about instead of the actual fights being the matches, we instead make each match a race on who can set their gems the fastest, best two out of three!

Well for one, the times are not finalized. Ideally if we can get the room earlier we’ll start earlier.
For two, I want to be sure there will be enough setups available for all the games. Since it’ll almost certainly be the case that the Capcom games will have to share 360s, we need to be sure that there will be enough systems available for each tournament when it starts.
For three, this schedule is not an idealistic one, it’s a realistic one. I tended towards that side on purpose.
For four, something had to go last. If it wasn’t Marvel, it’d be something else.

I completely understand your concern. I’ll reevaluate after the Nickel City gathering this weekend and if it appears that there will be enough set-ups that we could start other tournaments earlier, then I’ll change the times accordingly.