[Mar 18, 2012] New Jersey SFxTekken & UMvC3 (possibly) Session - Free session (Mahwah, NJ)


What’s up everyone? It’s Deluxe and I am back with some news about fighting game events in New Jersey. I know this is kind of short notice but I will be hosting a session for SFxTekken at a Play N Trade video game store in Mahwah, NJ this Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.Address is:

Play N Trade
115 Franklin Turnpike
Mahwah, NJ, 07430

This will be a FREE session, you are only required to bring your own stick/controller. SFxTekken will be played on the Xbox 360 so please bring the appropriate stick. Furthermore, I am down to add Marvel VS Capcom 3 but I do not have copies of that game. So if anyone could bring a copy, we can add 1 or 2 setups for Marvel as well.

One reason I am hosting this session is to find out how many people would actually make a trip out to North Jersey for events if they happened regularly. The venue is not set up optimally for tournaments but things can be rearranged if players are willing to support it and a better setup can be made.

The venue is able to host tournaments weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, it is all up to the players and what they want. Days and times are also up for debate.

So for this week, come on out and have a good time and play some fighting games with me and others and we can talk about the rest later. There is a Dairy Queen right next door which makes some good hot dogs, burgers and fries to munch on as well.

Any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks.


Let me know if anyone is interested in this.


Damn…North Jersey not in the house. I was going to branch off this and start hosting tourneys at his location. I am able to do it with FREE VENUE but if I can’t get any interest then I don’t know what I can do.


Would have come out but I totally missed this post. NJ does seem quiet these days, though …


I understand the feeling. Trying get in touch with the south jersey scene myself (I live in Maple Shade, NJ 08052). I don’t have a car but I KNOW that there are fellow players in my area so I;m trying to find and associate with them but it’s not easy to do. We got the Get Salty Group, the 8 on the Break Group, Local Battles Group, etc but the problem is that we all live in different parts of jersey and for people like myself, I don’t have a reliable way to get to these tourneys and sessions on a regular basis like I would like to and I know I’m not the only one.

Personally I think all the organizers (including yourself) should get together and try to figure out locations and setups dates and times for people all across the state to have a definitive and guaranteed place to go to for sessions, tourneys, or just social events so that those in less populated areas or who don’t have the ability to make it to areas significantly farther than their home can experience everything as well. That’s what I’m working on right now.


Posted a tourney at this location. Thread is here: [Apr 1, 2012] Sunday Street Fight @ Play N Trade Mahwah (Mahwah, NJ)


Just realized that last statement could be misconstrued as placing the responsibility for my inability to make it to the local tourneys as not my fault. Meant to say that I was hoping to unify all the tourney organizers together to create an organized and easy to use method of broadcasting the multiple locations and places to meet players in your area for those with less than preferred transportation.

I saw your new posting too. Thanks for the invite and I shall do what I can to make it.