[Mar 21, 2012] JS Master in Brazil @ Wp Cup 2012 (São Paulo)

JS Master and many other competitors from South America Striving to be the best in WP CUP 2012, 7 and 8 @ Dan Inn, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

We would apreciate if you see the streaming



Also added KOF XII to the oficial lineup, side tourneys going to be have BlazBlue CS II and any other users request.<br>
This tournament is brought to you by Wp Games (<a href=“http://www.wpgames.com.br” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>http://www.wpgames.com.br</a>).

We are live now, SSF4 is about to start.

Now, KOF grand finals.

that was a great tournament, the best one we’ve ever had. JS Master is an excelent player, his presence just made the event even better, same for the ETC Team from Chile


SSF4 AE v.2012
Champion: [K.O. Team MG] Bruno Fight3rs
2nd: CNB.House
3rd: CNB.LordxSaka
4th: JS Master (Canada)
5th: AMK
5th: [K.O. Team MG] Breno Fight3rs
7th: Acalanata
7th: CNB.Chuchu


Champion: [Red Team] Marlon Abel
2nd: VS.Comboman
3rd: DoomBR
4th: LDO.Cadurosar
5th: ETC.Garode (Chile)
5th: [Red Team] Kain
7th: Shin (Shin-shom)
7th: Rafael Brogillo


Champion: Kleber Yagami
2nd: Renato KOF
3rd: ETC.Garode (Chile)
4th: Neo Geo
5th: Mr. Bruno
5th: CNB.House
7th: [Red Team] Kain
7th: Vini 1990


Champion: WP.Mr. Felipe
2nd: Mr.Diogo
3rd: Rafaw
4th: Jazz
5th: Mr. Bruno
5th: Hellboy
7th: Devaud (Chile)
7th: Barba