[Mar 23, 2012] [PSN Online]SFxTK Tournament (http://battle-ground.net)

Regulations to the tournament:

2/3 rounds , Best out of 3
Grand Final: First to 5
Single Elimination
GEMS DISABLE [Double Check Before Your Match IS UP]
Characters are LOCKED unless you lose. You may change your characters against new opponents. But, if you win. You must use the same one.

If you are UNABLE to connect. You will need to restart the game.

Pay attention to the chat because all matches will be stream.

Prizes: $20.00 PSN card if we hit 26+ members to register

Support the community?
Register at http://battle-ground.net/forum

Follow me at http://twitter.com/xgoforbrokex

Register starts at 8PM EST till 10:30PM EST

Register at the stream.

Register starts at 8PM EST