[Mar 24, 2012] Iowa Monthly Series - MvC, SF, SC, KoF plus more (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Phone number to the shop: (319) 378-9663

WHAT: UMvC3, SF 2k12, SC5, KoF XIII [all singles]


This is a small gaming shop. They only have a vending machine, but there is a Dairy Queen and a few gas stations only a couple blocks away, as well as a Wal-Mart and a bunch of eateries just a couple minutes away. On the plus side, it’s right off the interstate so super easy to find. The parking lot is kinda small but should be able to hold everyone. Just in case, there are other businesses and residential areas right around it that you can use.


Tournaments start at 1 PM. I’m actually going to get there as early as possible (assuming my alarm doesn’t eff me in the A), so feel free to come a little early for casuals and whatnot.

SC5: 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then it’ll switch to 3/5 matches.
SSF4:AE: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
MvC3: 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
KoF: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches. [3v3 Team Battle]

Finals are considered to be Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals. Double-elimination for all.

ENTRY FEE: EF will be $5 for everything, and there is also a venue fee of $2. Pot split will be standard 70/20/10 [1st/2/3], although I may take the liberty to round numbers to make the payouts easier.

RULES: For the most part, I’m not a stickler on rules for these things, but please avoid doing glitches and whatnot. I wouldn’t want to have to uppercut people for being lametards. I did want to specifically address systems, though. Generally speaking, we’ll be PS3 heavy, but officially we’re going to do a mix. I know the SF crowd likes playing on XBOX and 3d folks like PS3. So, whatever is available is what we’ll play on, which means bring both PS3 and XBOX sticks or converters, if you play on pad.

RANDOM NOTES: As always, if you can bring something, please do. Monitors are the best since they’re so fucking easy to move around and hook up. But, if you have extra systems/stick, please bring them. Once we get a good ways into the brackets for those games and stations start opening up, we can run whatever anyone wants to, be it MK, Tekken, whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout we got last time, so we’ll see if we can continue that. As always, if I have any updates, I’ll be sure to post up. Sorry for the delay in getting this organized. Holidays are what they are. :slight_smile:

I am going to suggest changing KoFXIII to Xbox. We don’t seem to have any pad players on the game right now, so I’m not worried about that, and for whatever reason we kept having a problem with ‘reconnect controller’ popping up randomly, interrupting matches. We don’t have any definitive way of telling whats causing it since it doesn’t indicate which controller and seems to happen completely at random. If anyone has a different opinion on this, I’d be happy to discuss it, but otherwise it seems like a quick fix to the issue.

I can deal with that, as long as you have two setups with DLC. People planning on going to UFGT8 should be planning for that anyway, considering every tourney but T6 and any PS2/Arcade tourneys are on 360.

I’ll have a converter there for PS2/3 -> 360, but it doesn’t work with MCZ sticks or with (oddly enough) one Hori product…my V3. :frowning: I’ll also have a Hori EX2 for the 360 there and will have it near the station for casuals if anyone wants to use it and get used to it. If I can convince Olli to fix my other EX2s, there can be more.

Really, though, I think the issue MIGHT be with the circuitry. Like I said at the venue, it’s happened here. Setup was: 2 Asus monitors (my VH236 and Jackie’s VH236S, I think) and two slim-model PS3s. No controllers were modded as far as I know. A couple TEs, Jackie’s HRAP3, my PS2 controller with a converter, Olli’s with a converter, and Alex’s stick that uses a SixAxis. Happened a lot whenever someone plugged in a controller. Monitor would flicker off and on or the game would pause like someone yanked a controller and immediately plugged it back in.

My monitor’s a VH238H. At home I haven’t seen monitor blackout when I plug in, but have seen weird power/disconnect issues when swapping a usb cord (for pad->ps3) with something non-standard (thin wire/double choke USB).

Guessing it is probably a power draw issue on the PS3’s part that happens when a controller is plugged in. Would like to figure out if that’s the case, but I’m fine switching to XBox360 if it’ll keep things simple and solve the problem.

Ran into some money issues for the last one, planning on going to this one.

What 2v2 game would people want run? Choices:

  • 3rd Strike (and let me know if you’d want OE or PS2)
  • HDR
  • Tekken Tag (Pair Play)

I’d be down to do AC if I can convince one certain Anji player to carry me.

Also I say the ‘please reconnect the controller’ issue pop up at FR. As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse to run KoFXIII on PS3 at this point, but again if anyone wants to discuss the point with me I will.

is there any possibility of street fighter x tekken being played?

Sorry, not running any 2v2 this month, due to a somewhat uncertain schedule. I have some illness that’s supposed to make me weak for possibly a month (I’m afraid to travel when that’s the case) and a family member with ALS that’s been given 2 weeks.

Oh damn, Mike. Get better and make the next one.

Due to a recent injury at work, I’m probably not going to be able to enter anything this month. I’m still going to be coming out (possibly with my setup if I can handle bringing it to my car one handed), but unless I want to risk tearing out stitches I won’t be able to play anything that requires me to use an arcade stick.
Also bump because this is on the 3rd freaking page!

Might be there. Depends on the ride situation. And dammit, Dustin, I wanted a rematch in SF4. :frowning:

No SFxT?

Iowa HATES that game or something. So I guess not.

That’s pretty stupid… I was planning on coming if they had it. Guess not.

Unless I’m missing some major news flash, you can get a setup going for SFxT and people will probably play casuals.

If you’re coming just for an SFxT tourney?..Dunno~

There IS going to be a lot of interest for a tourney I imagine, it’s just a matter IF we’ll be able to run it. It’ll definitely get more entrants than SF4- I honestly don’t even know why that is run at these things.

Because it’s a good game.

I’ll run SFxT if there’s time after.

That opinion is of the smallest minority in these parts. :frowning:

I wouldn’t say SF4 is a bad game, it’s just not a FUN game (for me personally, anyways)