[Mar 24, 2012] Str8 Up Beast-Mode Round 6: (SSFIVAE/UMvC3/SFxT) (Fall River, MA)

Contact Information
Hayato San
Phone: 774-644-9353
AIM: XxKirbySanxX

Entry Fees / Prize
$10 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 / Super Street Fighter IV A.E. / Street Fighter x Tekken
$5 Venue

1st Place - 70%
2nd Place - 20%
3rd Place - 10%

XBOX 360

Venue fee waived if you bring a TV and Console


Street Fire x Tekken - 12:00PM-1:00PM Signups / Seedings 1:15PM Tournament Starts
Super Street Fighter IV A.E.- 12:00PM-3:00 Signups / Seedings 3:15PM Tournament Starts
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 12:00-5:00 PM Signups / Seedings 5:15PM Tournament Starts

Standard Game Rules
Double Elimination Brackets by Tonamento
Best of 3 - Round 1 > Semi-Finals
Best of 5 - Winners/Losers/Grand Final

Hopefully we can get some good turn outs B)

I can bring a full AE setup

We in there. SE MA/RI making a comeback.

I would love to see MA get some SSF4AE events going on a regular basis!!

I’ll probably be at summerjam :\

:o Yea I just realized it was same weekend as the Philly event. This is just one of many. If this has a decent turn out it can possibly be a monthly or bi-weekly thing.

bring back oldschool …

3v3 will happen if we have enough players if not, after the AE tournament it’s exhibitions till I wrap up at 12am. We can do exhibition teams if you are all interested :slight_smile:

if I request the time off tomorrow I could definitely go to this. I’m hittin souper bowl tonight and I’ll remind dudes it’s comin up

i am definitely interested. i really wanna see how i match up against locals with no internet lag.

I am interested and may be able to bring more people from CT with me. I went to EVO and was floored by the difference in level between online and tournament, so I would like some more experience.

Are you expecting alot of people for this event?

This is my first event I’m hosting so I’m hoping for a decent turn out. It is unfortunately conflict with summer jam in Philly so hopefully if people can’t make it to there will come to this.

This will happen probably on a monthly basis if it gets popular enough. I will just need gamer support for that to happen. It’s a decent sized venue.

Okay! Looking forward to it. Bringing probably two people if not more.

Your first tournament was Evo? Welllll…I don’t wanna let you down but…haha. This might be a litttlleeee bit smaller. :sweat:

Count me in for this on Marvel.

EDIT: Why isn’t the split 70/20/10? That’s usual format for these sort of things. I don’t mind, was just curious.

Your right. I made an error on the payout structure. It should be 70/20/10. Thanks for the heads up, I went ahead and changed the payout info.

NP man, just was curious if that’s how you guys did things or not. I’m going to feel shitty now if I get 2nd. >< ha!

EDIT: btw, if it’s your first hosting make sure you have enough change like 1s, and 5s, etc for correct pay outs. like go get 50 bucks broke down or something.

Lol I use to do it way back in the passed. I copied and paste info from my year ago events but yeah. The standard should be 70 20 10 lol. You might just get first place lol all the good players are going to summer jam Philly :frowning: might be one or two who don’t have that kinda money to travel so hopefully it won’t be too easy for you.

About that, I was going to round the numbers to make it even as possible. But I’ll have 5 or 1s. There’s a bar if I need change.