[Mar 24, 2012] Str8 Up Beast-Mode Round 6: (SSFIVAE/UMvC3/SFxT) (Fall River, MA)

lol, yeah smaller is better for right now. There is just a huge difference between playing online and playing in person in general. Unfortunately I am broke from Evo so Summer Jam is out for me. This is fairly close, and sounds nice.

sorry guys but im taking tis <_>

Not unless u run into a Phoenix team. U might just get unlucky. It’s a coin flip in that situation.

Is there parking? Or gotta find parking along the streets.

Yes there is a parking lot. Plenty of parking apace and McDonald is right next door or if u want to go lazer tag it’s right next door too lol.

Ugh. I just saw it is on Xbox 360. I only have a PS3 stick…

I have an extra te if u need to use it temporarily

oh! thank you very much. it will only be for the mvc3 tourney.

I’ll be in there, but that’s the same weekend as GVN Summer Jam, FYI.

Oh Hayato, I’ll be able to bring a Samsung 32" and two sticks if necessary. It’s pretty lag free.

Yea I know and apologize for any inconvenience. It’s not intentional but I can’t change it unfortunately. But there’s many more events to come. :slight_smile: If you got cash to travel by all means I encourage the summer jam event but if you are recovering from evo this maybe for you. :slight_smile: not many big names coming here so your chances of beasting everyone is higher. :0


hehe <3

Except enable lol he’s the one to beat us all :slight_smile:

Bumped… Still happenin. Sorry no stream for now but if it gets popular enough then we shall see. :slight_smile:

Definitely sounds interesting. I’ll be at Summer Jam, but I might go next time. Good luck!

Hmmm, I don’t want to talk for him but I thought FRL was going to stream? Perhaps?

if you guys decide to throw more of these i will definitely attend the next one, i would have to this one as well, it just falls on summer jam. :frowning:

There’s not Internet to stream :frowning: maybe future events I’ll use my 3G but it probably be slow n I only got 4g a month :frowning: I’ll definitely try to do this monthly

Is there any way to make AE last? I have to work until 5pm I believe and I wont be able to make it unless the time is changed. I will be in your debt if you do change it.

Thats fine Essex! Seems to be most of the players reasons. Unfortunate the first one had to be during Summer Jam, but next month if this can continue, I hope there’ll be a great turnout!