[Mar 24, 2012] Xanadu Monthly 3-24-2012 (Baltimore Md)

[INDENT=3]Xanadu’s monthly tournament this month will be March 24th 2012. Right after final round.The first monthly for SFxT so there will be a lot of players. MD/VA has a few games that we as a whole are very good in. We are on the national scale now. Lets keep it going for our next monthly. As always the best players from, MD/VA and other surrounding areas are always in attendance. Come out to showcase your skills against the best players in the area.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Xanadu Games[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]3921 Suite B Vero Rd.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]Baltimore Md. 21227[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Facebook: www.facebook.com/xanadugames[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]Twitter: @xanadu_games[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]Stream: www.Twitch.tv/vgbootcamp[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]1PM: Signups[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]2PM: Prompt Start Time[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Venue Fee: $10[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Payouts: 60/30/10[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]This is Maryland’s Monthly for fighting games. All of the best players come to Xanadu to get better and to make our area stronger for all games. We will have old games and also the new ones.[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]$10 Games[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]Street Fighter x Tekken[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: PS3[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Cost: $10[/INDENT]


[INDENT=1]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[/INDENT]



[INDENT=3]SUPER Street Fighter 4 AE 2012[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: PS3 [EVO Standard][/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]Soul Calibur 5[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: PS3[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]$10 Games[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]Melty Blood : MBAACC 1.07[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: See Rei for details[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]King Of Fighters 13[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: PS3[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]$2 Games[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]Arcana Heart 3[/INDENT]




[INDENT=3]Guilty Gear: AC[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]System: PS2[/INDENT]


[INDENT=3]- All games are best 2 of 3 matches. Winners/Losers Finals and up are 3 of 5.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]- SSF4, HD Remix, GG, and MB matches are best 2 of 3 rounds. T6 is 3 of 5.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]- Time for all games will be their American tournament standards. (No infinite time.)[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]- In-game macros allowed[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]- Winners must keep the same character for the next match; Losing player may switch.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]- HD Remix: Akuma is Banned.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Prizes will be rounded to closest dollar / five dollar amounts depending on pot size.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3]Lagless HD setups, plenty of food options, and the best competition in the area. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. See you there![/INDENT]

Upgrade that GGAC to $5, Rugal.

Also, what’s the deal with SFxT and gems? Banned intill tournament update? Or spend a couple hours setting up everyone’s gems?

About the gems Im not sure honestly. Prob just leave them in.

Many years have passed, but I’ll be there to play with a new game out. See you guys there. Long time Rugal B. Hopefully i’ll get to play jpaige in some cvs2 lol

for the first time in awhile, ST will be here. $5

No gems.

I’ll be there. Will be my first time at Xanadu. Looking forward to playing with you all

Needs MOAR Skullgirls.

I’ll be there to play dat Ultimate and press a couple buttons in SFxT.


Maybe this will be the Xanadu monthly that I finally make it to!

Can someone sign black chaos up for sfxt and umvc3 I’m on my way but traffic is killing me.