[Mar 26] Super Gonq Battles - EGLX Qualifier


The Algonquin Video Game Club is partnering with Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo to host a qualifier for their Canada-wide Street Fighter V invitational tournament in April!
For more information about EGLX, click here: http://eglx.ca/

Super Gonq Battles is happening on March 26, 2015 on the 2nd floor of the Robert C. Gillett Student Commons.
The venue opens at noon for casuals and registration is on-site only. Please send a message if there are any delays in arrival.

We are running Super Smash Bros. Melee at noon, Guilty Gear Xrd (PS3) at 2PM, and Street Fighter V (PS4) at 4PM. Each tournament is 2-5 hours long.

There is a one-time venue fee of $10 for tournament participants. For tournament game requires a separate $10 entry fee that contributes to the tournament winnings.
There are no fees to enter as a spectator or play casuals; feel free to bring your friends!

You must bring your own controller. Side tournaments will occur on-site if there is interest (8 people and the necessary equipment).

We are looking for volunteer set-ups (monitors and consoles). Participants that supply equipment get a $5 discount on their venue fee.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1111850178846605/

Ottawa Thread 2016

Would you happen to have adapters for the ps4 available? This is probably a stupid question but as I am a PC player I don’t have a PS4 stick.


Like I mentioned in the Ottawa thread looking to attend this event, but maybe you can clue me in on some of the logistics here. I am coming from Brockville and getting there is zero problem, but apparently the last train back to Brockville leaves mad early and I don’t particularly want to have to shell out for a hotel for one night(unless there is a really really cheap one nearby). Any ideas?


Sorry, we don’t have converters or PS4 controllers to supply players.

I’ll ask some people if they know of any cheap lodgings and get back to you.


is the DS4 pad allowed during the tourney? can we pay in person for the entrance or its just online only?


Sorry guys, forgot to check on this thread.

Yes DS4 pads are allowed and you pay in person. Registrations close half an hour before the tournament begins. So, Melee at 11:30, Guilty Gear at 1:30, and Street Fighter at 3:30.

I asked around but nobody gave me anything definite besides this link https://www.hotwire.com/.