[Mar 29, 2013] March 29-31, 2013 Atlanta, Ga "FINAL ROUND XVI" (Atlanta, GA)



Atlanta, Ga.
Friday, March 29, 2013 – Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 16th installment of FINAL ROUND is back and better than ever! Thank you to EVERYONE that attended FRXV in making it the biggest Fighting Game Tournament on the East Coast with over 1500+ competitors from around the world competing to be the best in their favorite games. With Japan shocking the world with FinalRoundbats season #2 champion Kusoru “Ageo Joe” winning UMVC3 at FRXV on American soil with his V.Joe, Frank West, Rocket Racoon team made for high drama! What surprise’s will happen at this years event? We hope that everyone that attended FRXV will come back and bring 5 friends with them. The location of the event is as followed:

Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30354

$93 per night for the double bed room under the Final Round discounted group rate.

Yes we are happy to return to the Hilton near the airport for FRXVI. Players that fly to FRXVI will be a 3 minute shuttle ride from the venue. There’s a FREE 24 hour shuttle from the Airport to the tournament venue so no expensive cab rides from the airport this year. This location also has plenty of places to eat inside the venue and around the venue and it is PET FRIENDLY for you guys that bring your pets to the tournament.

This year we’ll be using the EVO/UFGT pool system (16 man brackets per pool, double elim) for all tournaments at FRXVI to complete the tournament in a timely manner. At this moment the games that are confirmed for now as Official events for FRXVI are the following:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Persona 4 Arena
King Of Fighters 13
Dead Or Alive 5
Street Fighter X Tekken ver.2013
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
Mortal Kombat 9

Of course other games in the FGC will be added to FRXVI, so please stay tuned to www.finalround.org to get the full details/updates to the tournament roster. Also keep an eye out for promotional trailers and early bird registration coming soon! If you can’t attend FINAL ROUND XVI then please watch our live streams all three days on the following stream channels:

Team Spooky-- http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
Finalroundbats-- http://www.twitch.tv/finalroundbats/

Early Bird Online Registration for FINAL ROUND 16 is now Live at
Don’t miss out on the HYPE that is #FR16. There will be more info/updates coming soon, so get hype for the longest running event on the east coast!

Skullgirls OTT! -Random select is top tier

I’m there.

UMVC3 Upcoming Major Events; Winter Brawl Feb 23, Final Round March 29-31

Definitely there this time…hopefully DOA and SCV are added. Even if they’re not I’m there.


I’m sure Larry will have those games.


Yes we’ll have game announcements throughout the up coming months.


Teii Garrett
Augusta, GA

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
King Of Fighters 13
Mortal Kombat 9


Any idea about how much a taxi would cost from the bus station in downtown Atlanta to the venue?


Do you mean the greyhound or megabus station? Forget a taxi. Ride the public transit called Marta! Just take it to the airport and get on the shuttle to the Airport Hilton. Both bus stations are at Marta stations.


If you are flying in grab your bags and then get on the shuttle for a 3 minute ride to the venue.


I am PUMP for Final Round XVI. I can’t wait for 2013!


OK i’ve had this idea for ages, but it seems like it might happen this year. There will be a 5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5 team tournament at FRXVI in TTT2. The rules are you need to have 5 players from your state/area in a pokemon style single match, but double elim bracket. There’s a max of 2 teams from your area. This will be the best of the best competing in the newest installment of Tekken. I’ve talked with Bronson and he said Nor Cal should have a team ready for this event. Wayne Gamble said he will have his florida team ready. Jio said he will have Tenn ready. JodyDaGreat said DA LOU will be ready! Sayco said he has va/md a team ready. Kor said he would be ready with a texas team. I know the ATL will be ready. If I missed an area then speak up, but i’m going to need your team members names and your area/state you’re representing if you want to compete in this event. Only the strong will survive! Will it be you? This will be streamed on friday to get the event started on the right note! The singles event will be on Saturday. So what area will claim the title of BEST IN TTT2?
We have more news coming soon for FRXVI so stay tuned shawty!


**Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here just wanted to say that FRXVI will be the next official event that I officially enter a sanctioned tournament! The game will be TTT2 and I hope to of course body as many people as I can! I will also be (with Larry’s clearance) be operating some other events involving the old school MVC2 heads so next year FR can’t come sooner! See y’all boys n girls there…


Will Marvel 3 be 3/5 all the way or 2/3 pools like EVO?

I’ll try to make it out this time…


You know I’ll b e there for sure.


Like EVO sir.


If you see this post streak I need some new avatars for next years event! PLEASE!


You knew I was going to have SCV sir! SCV was one of the highlights of FRXVI. The top 8 was very hype.


Final Round XVI will be an interesting event. Show support by tweeting, facebook, google +???, Myspace?!?%^"?%@?WR"T and/or other socials network. Don’t miss the EVENT! Will Japan take UMvC3? Will I take UMvC3? (pfft)… Show up and lets game it UP.


I was just wondering, Will Persona 4 Arena possibly be there?


Of course it will be at FRXVI. I would like to announce that Persona 4 Arena will be an OFFICIAL tournament game at FINAL ROUND XVI. Tune in for more announcements throughout the up coming months.