[Mar 3, 2012] 613 Slugfest (Kingston, Ontario, K7L 2P)

Hey, so I thought I’d announce this here for those interested. It’s probably going to be a small crowd, but if you’re in the area and want to showcase your skills, we’d love to see you come out. AE2012 is guaranteed, UMVC3 if we can get enough players and there’ll be Soul Calibur 5 casuals along with a few other games.

613 Slugfest
What: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles Tournaments
** When: 1:00pm, March 3rd, 2012**
Where: 143 Union Street (at the corner of Union and Alfred), Goodes Hall, Queen’s University, Room 406 (tentatively)
How much: $10 bucks to enter for each tourney

-Players can register by emailing me at yeung(dot)r(at)queensu(dot)ca, and in person starting at 12:30pm

-Typical EVO rules will be followed (double elimination, match play rules, character selection, etc): http://evo2k.com/player-guide/tournament-rules/
-Pot prize money from available tourney fees to be split 50-30-20 for 1st (rounded up), 2nd (rounded up), 3rd place (rounded down)
-You must bring your own sticks and fight pads
-PS3 systems will be used
-UMVC3 Singles will start at 1:00pm, if less than 8 players show up, UMVC3 will be bumped for SSFIVAE2012
-SSFIVAE2012 Singles will start immediately after UMVC3
-SSFIVAE2012 Possible 3v3 Casual Tournament after Singles Tournament
-If you will be driving, there is parking space at the high school behind Goodes Hall, park at own risk