[Mar 3, 2012] SFxT Pre-release Tournament (Lacey, WA)


The Lacey Wal-Mart Supercenter is running a Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament this Saturday March 3rd at 1:00pm. Signups at 12:30pm.


Console: Xbox 360
Elimination: Single Elimination
Match: Best of 3
Player Cap: 16
**Bring your own stick


1st - free copy of SFxT (Xbox or PS3, pickup on release day)
2nd - $25 gift card

There will be cake.

Any questions ask Lewis the electronics department manager or email him at lewis_i3@hotmail.com


Hey, this is Drew, the guy who won the tournament yesterday. Just wanted to remind you to hit up the Olympia Fight Club thread.

Feel free to pop on by and introduce yourself, it’s a pretty friendly scene and we always like to get new players.

You can also add me on XBL. My gamer tag is DrooMighty.

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