[Mar 30, 2012] The Kumate #2 (KOF XIII) (Brooklyn NY)

The Kumate is a monthly KOF XIII tournament series at next level. Please be on time. If you cannot make it on time please call next level. Signups begin at 6 (2 late slots will be open until the end of round 1 in the bracket after that all entry will be locked.)

$10 venue/$5 entry
Xbox 360 Ver.
70/20/10 split
2/3 Double Elimination
Order can be changed freely.
Characters locked
All DLC characters up to Mr.Karate legal.

(sorry i updated this on facebook but not here my bad)

Store Opens at Noon Signups begin at 6 P.M.
Stream provided by Team Sp00ky (Subject to change)

Stay Free. -A

Hell yes.

ill prolly be there

the more the merrier man.

Finally a good excuse to leave work early!

glad to give you one buddy. I hope it works out I’d love to have a great turn out.

Sound’s like fun, I’ll try to make it.

Still going down I assume?

Definitely down for this.

You’ll see me there

In there all the way from Albany!!!

Idk if you misspelled “kumite” on purpose but if you didn’t, I believe it’s with an “i” not an “a”. It means “committee” in Filipino(If you didn’t already know:sweat:).

I did.
my name is Akuma. its the kumite.
Kuma + kumite = Kumate. ps. 27 entrants alot more than I was expecting.
1st Marco Polo
2nd Masta CJ
3rd Daemon

The Kumate returns March 30th.

I also want to try to do a 3 v 3 exhibition if i can. so plan it out ill take the first 4 teams i get.

Considering I am now the one who opens next level casuals begin at noon when we open.

I will be trying to stream monster in full effect.

I will most likely be there

I am gonna learn stuff in 2 days and probably show up

brb checking youtube!! :eek: