[Mar 31, 2012] SFxTekken, SF4:AE, MvC3, SSBB Tourney (Corpus Christi, TX)


Another tournament coming up at The Casual Gamer!
March 31st, 2pm to 10pm or later.
SF4:AE, SF x Tekken, MvC3, and SSBB!

Thanks to all the people who want to participate in the fighting game community and if you want to host your own event here, please get in touch with me via PM or just come by the store.

Registration begins at 2pm, and ends when the tournament is scheduled to start. You can register early in this thread, but all fees must be paid before the tournament starts. No late entries accepted. No exceptions.
—>SF4:AE (360) ---- starts at 4:00pm
—>Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) ---- starts at 4:00pm
—>MvC3 (360) ---- starts at 6:00pm
—>SFxTekken (360) ---- starts at 7:00pm
Currently we have 3 full setups with updated 360s and Asus VH236H monitors. Other consoles will be set up for casuals on the LCDs we have available. Please contribute systems to the cause, especially if you want lots of casuals set up.
Casuals and warm up matches will be played until the tourney kicks off. I will start at 4:00pm, no exceptions, I don’t care how well your match is going I will boot you off of any TVs we plan to use for the tournament. You will be able to play casuals on other TVs we will have available or watch the tournament.
+++Game Specific Rules+++
Players MUST register a Character and Ultra/Super prior to the match. It is the Judges responsibility to ensure that the players stick to their choices. The Loser of a match may elect to return to the Character Select Screen. The Winner MAY then reselect their Ultra/Super only before the losing player makes their choice.
Failure to abide by these rules can and will give the match to the other player, and a continued failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification.

+++ Location +++

Name: The Causal Gamer
Address: 5301 Everhart Rd Suite H
++++General Rules+++++

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER!! Simple rule, bring your own controller.

Double Elimination standards. Players’ placement on the brackets will be set so players should not be fighting with people they came with.

Arcade Standard rules

Set will be best 2 out of 3, Winners Grand finals will be best 3 out of 5

Winner keeps their Character. Characters may be changed after a loss.

Do not use game breaking glitches, you can be disqualified for them.

In game macros are allowed (PPP, Lk+Lp, etc.)

Pausing during a match gives the opponent the opportunity to take the round, or restart the match.

Rapid fire and Programmable Sticks/Controllers with preset combos, moves, etc. will get you disqualified
+++Entry Fees+++
Venue Fee: $4
Ultimate MvC 3 — $5 entry fee
Smash Brother — $5 entry fee
SFxTekken — $7 entry fee
SF4: AE — $7 entry fee

Same for all games:
10 or fewer entrants:
1st Place — 70% prize pot cash
2nd Place — 30% prize pot cash
11 or more entrants:
1st Place — 70% prize pot cash
2nd Place — 20% prize pot cash
3rd Place —10% prize pot cash