[Mar 31, 2012] UMvC3 Tournament (Mesquite, TX)

GameTrade now under new Fighting Game Friendly management is holding their first tourney of the year in UMvC3! Let’s have a good group show up and make it worthwhile!

360 version of the game
Entry Fee $10
Bring your own stick - NO TURBO! (if you plan on using standard 360 game pad, we can provide)
Double Elimination
Each round is best 2/3
Standard versus mode, not Heroes & Heralds
Sign up will be done once you pay your entry fee.

More info and RSVP on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/events/276826709047246/) and here so we know what to expect. Also any questions or random suggestions can be asked on Facebook. They’re open to changes to make it the best, smoothest running tourney it can be.

Thanks, Sonic. I should mention that the RSVP on Facebook is simply to let us know what to expect. The official sign up is in store so all ya gotta do is go in and let them know you want to sign up, pay your entry fee, and you’re all good! Any questions can be posted here if you don’t have a Facebook or don’t feel like using it. I’m the one at the store that’s going to be hosting the tournament so I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, respond to any comments, etc.


…for great justice.

Did I mention cash prizes? Cause there’s cash prizes. The last tournament we had totaled over $500 in cash winnings. Come make that money, folks.

Hopefully I see a bunch of people from the SF tourny last time.
Remember guys, showing up shows your support for the scene, and if there is more support more events would likely follow.

Hey sonic, pm me your number bro, I lost it a while back.
This is Salty Sakura by the way.

Bumping again since it’s coming up so soon now.

Also yes, depending on how many people sign up for this tourney, I hope to do another fighter tourney soon (Likely in May). Probably decide by popular vote between SSF4AE2012, Mortal Kombat 9, another UMVC3 or something else if anything else gets more people clamoring for it. I rather expect (and admittedly hope) SF to take the vote but who knows? First things first, we gotta see that the community is actually interested and willing. So get into the store ASAP and get signed up! It’s only $10 for an afternoon of fun head mashing. Remember this is Saturday, March 31. Only about 2 weeks away now.

Hey what’s up Eons. I’ll do that. I hope you got a few folks headed to this tourney too. You gonna enter?

I’m gonna enter for sure.
No telling how good ill do since I don’t play marvel as much anymore.