[Mar 31, 2012] USC Gamers Network Presents: GAME ON 3! Feat. SSBM,... (Los Angeles, California)

The USC Gamers Network presents: GAME ON 3, USC’s semi-annual video game tournament!
Main Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/101012780030165/

Last year, we shattered records with over 100 attendees for Game On 2, and we’re expecting even more this year! This time, we are diversifying the roster with even more types of games! All skill levels are encouraged to attend!

Featured Games:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Halo: Reach (FFA and 2v2)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

(PS Vita Sponsored Fifa 12 Side Tournament)

Special thanks to Primetime Gamers and Play N Trade for donating their Xbox consoles and monitors.

Please bring your own controllers (BYOC) as we will not have many extra to go around.

Sponsor Events and Giveaways

PS Vita is sponsoring a side Vita tournament featuring Fifa 12! Prizes TBA, but knowing Sony, they should be epic! There will also be free-play for other Vita games as well.

NOS Energy Drink will be doing free giveaways of drinks and other NOS apparel during the event.

ASUS will be doing free giveaways and will host a free play station for the new Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) featuring the lag-less ASUS VH236H monitor!

USC at Ubisoft will be hosting contest and giveaways at the event!


Date: Saturday March 31st

Registration: Noon
Melee Begins:1
Halo:Reach Begins: 1:30
UMVC3 Begins: 2

Tournament format and detailed rules can be found here:

After the game begins there will be no more sign-ups, so please arrive on time. BYOC!!!

Entry Fee:

Venue Fee:
Free for USC Students W/ID
$5 for non-USC Students

Waiving venue fee with Melee:

Bring a full setup for Melee (non-laggy TV, console, and game) AND IF WE USE YOUR SETUP, we will waive your venue fee.

Bring part of a setup (Only a non-laggy TV, console, or game) AND IF WE USE IT, we will take $2 off your venue fee.

Waving venue fee for Halo and UMVC3:

Bring a full setup for Halo or UMVC3 (game AND Xbox hard drive with all current patches, MLG Maps, AND TV/Monitor) AND IF WE USE YOUR SETUP, we will waive your venue fee.

Bring a partial setup for Halo or UMVC3 (Only a game OR Xbox hard drive with all current patches, MLG Maps, OR TV/Monitor) AND IF WE USE YOUR SETUP, we will take $2 off your venue fee.

Please message Jasper Lee via Facebook or e-mail at jasperkl@usc.edu if you plan on bringing a setup.

$450 Prize Pool Sponsored by the USC Information Technology Department!
Guaranteed $$$ for placing in top 3 (exluding Halo FFAt)

1st: $75
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

Directions & Parking:

$8 in Parking Structure X (Figueroa Street & McCarthy Way)

Directions to Campus Center: http://tinyurl.com/uscgnparking
Directions to The Forum (TCC 450): http://tinyurl.com/rtccdirections

This year the USCGN has more sponsors, diverse games, and is expecting an even bigger turnout than before! Be a part of an event that continues to shatter gaming records at USC!


~ USC Gamers Network
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