[Mar 5, 2012] IPG presents Gamestop SFxT PRE-RELEASE Tournament! 3-5-2010 Chicago,... (Chicago, IL)

Hey guys! In honor of Capcom dropping a new game on us we have partnered with gamestop to bring you all:

I Play Games presents
**in collaboration with gamestop **

Street Fighter X Tekken PRE-RELEASE Tournament

Gamestop 1252 S canal st Chicago IL

Registration and start time
8:00pm March 5th - 12:01 March 6th

Waiting on SfxT? Ready to get your game on! We here at I Play Games have come together with Gamestop to bring you a fantasic opportunity to play SfxT early, and a chance to get a copy of the game or whatever game you want for NEXT TO NOTHING!

[LEFT]The Prize is an $80 gamestop giftcard! (in essence its a free game and then some) There is no entry fee and even if you have p[/LEFT]
[LEFT]re-ordered at another gamestop you can pick up your copy at this gamestop the night of.[/LEFT]

2/3 Rounds
Single Elim

We will be playing SFxT on PS3 and as always its B.Y.O.C. so bring your pads sticks and fightpads!

an $80 gamestop giftcard!!!

SOOOOOOOO! to Re-cap!

Gamestop 1252 S Canal st Chicago IL
8:00PM March 5th
Street Fighter X Tekken
2/3 rounds
Single Elim

Prize? $80 Gamestop Giftcard! woop woop! free money!!

There will also be Food & Drink!

I like events in near downtown!

Being forced to pre-order at that location to play is lame as fuck.

@Keits Well Adam, if your going to be there anyway, why not pick up your game there too! unless you already preordered with another store entirely which i can completely understand…

I did indeed. There is a gamestop less than a mile from place I can walk to :-/

But the tournament is gonna start before the game will even be avalible for purchase. you could bring your reciept and just pick it up there. no harm no foul.

(Edit: Gamestop has just informed me that you do not NEED to pick the game up from them. they just incourage it since you obviously will already be there!)

Much better, sir

just be there lol