[Mar 7, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | Bow to the CROSS [Street Fighter X Tekken Day 1 Tourney] (St. Louis, MO)

Worshipers, get on your knees and prepare to bow to the CROSS!!! It’s finally here, so let me hear an AMEN from the congregation! STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN makes its STL BarWarz debut in a BIG way with the inaugural SFxT tourney and stream! And trust us when we say its gonna be ALL SFxT, ALL night!!! Not one but TWO SFxT tourneys are gonna get run, so get your gem setups ready, cause its time to welcome to newest member of the FGC line up to Dannos!

[info courtesy of MMC VoraciousWays]


  • Matches 2/3. Grand/Winners/Losers Finals 3/5
  • Double Elimination
  • Standard Gems Allowed. Gems locked once first match begins (Due to time, this rule may change in future tournaments)
  • In the 1v1 Tournament, any ties within the top 12 finishers must go head to head so our prizes can be awarded (see below). However these “tie-breaker” matches will be a sudden death single match.


@6PM - Casuals Begin/Stream Setup
@7PM - STLBarWarz Stream goes live
@8PM -SFxT 2v2 Tournament [$2 Per Player]
@9:30PM - SFxT 1v1 Tournament [$2]

*Singles will begin regardless of whether 2v2 are finished.


$5 Venue Fee, or $10 for Unlimited Fountain Soda.
[$15 Month Long Passes also available, see the GodLike level in the post below]
More Info : http://tinyurl.com/stlbarwarzvenuefeeinfo

If you want to waive the $5 venue fee and help out STLBarWarz please register to reserve a station for your setup. Set-ups must include both a console and a screen. During tournaments STLBarWarz reserves the right to ask you to set your station to a particular game, however you may otherwise play whatever you’d like at your set-up. We may also be preferential to those who bring ASUS or other low-lag monitors vs. monitors which have noticeable lag. If you reserve a station in advance you have until the first tournament starts to get it set up or your space may be used by someone else.

For those who bring a set-up without a reservation you will be allowed to set-up on a first come first serve basis until all the spots are filled. We will also waive your venue fee. (Note: If you and a friend come up and one brings a console and the other a screen, only one person can claim that setup… the other must still pay).


The winner of the 1v1 Tournament will receive 100 TRILLION DOLLARS*. *[Zimbabwe Currency, no legal US tender awarded.]

Payouts WILL go to the top 12, so aim high!

For the 2v2, the winning team shall face off in a final 1v1 Match! The winner will receive a SFxT framed poster (from the 2011 PAX event). The runner up will receive a $10 Slackers gift certificate.

As always, STL BarWarz is brought to you by : Slackers CDs & Games [’]www.slackers.com], LogicFighter [’]www.LogicFighter.com], Four Hands Brewery [’]www.4handsbrewery.com], www.Medwahk.com, & The Hawk Alliance.

happy release day to one and all! get that training mode shit down! it’ll be tomorrow night before you know it!