[Mar 9, 2012] SFL SF X Tekken Season One (WORLDWIDE)

The First Official Tournament supported by Madcatz for the Game Street Fighter X Tekken on XBOX 360, This is a 32 Player Tournament and will begin from 10pm on the 9th March 2012. Please be aware that this is the start date for matchmaking, you do not necessarily have to play on this date.

This tournament has multiple prizes for the winner which consists of the following:

1st Prize:

1 x Guile Official 20th Anniversary Edition Fightpad
1 x Digital Download Code 1200 Microsoft Points
1 x Official Team Madcatz T-Shirt
1 x Offical Madcatz Sports Bag
1 x (NEW) Copy of the Game BRINK XBOX 360
1 x (NEW) Copy of the Game Duke Nuken: Forever
1 x Digital SFL Profile Trophy

2nd Prize / Runner Up:
1 x Official Team Madcatz T-Shirt

For More Information, Please visit www.streetfighterleague.eu