[Mar 9, 2013] Oat Fighter: Saturday Night Feast (Erie, PA)



All of the information is on the poster graphic. The event is being hosted at a used game store/Magic the Gathering hobby shop called Game Corps.

<b>When</b>: March 9th, 2013
<b>Time</b>: Tournaments are scheduled to start at 2pm EST and end at midnight, FGC time.
<b>Where</b>: Game Corps
2920 Buffalo Rd.
Erie, PA 16510
<b>Entry fee</b>: $7 for the first game tournament you enter, additional $5 for each tournament you enter after. The extra $2 for the first game you enter is basically a venue fee.

Drinks, snacks, Magic the Gathering cards, and general card game merchandise are sold at Game Corps. You cannot bring drinks into the store that you didn’t buy at the venue.

Please park around the back side of the store where there is more parking.

For more information/questions, please visit Game Corps @ http://www.facebook.com/gamecorpsllc

Thank you!