March 10th and 11th, 2007 (FINALROUND)X "10th year of a southern tradition"

DATE HAS CHANGED from the 3rd and the 4th to the 10th and 11th. Please make a note of it

edit If you are reserving a ROOM FOR FINAL ROUND, TELL THE HOTEL STAFF YOU ARE WITH FINAL ROUND. I’ve been hearing complaints from people that say the rooms are expensive. We have a discounted rate set up for you guys, just like we did last year. When you call up the hotel, don’t just say you want to reserve a room, say you want to reserve a room for FINAL ROUND. Otherwise you’re going to get overcharged. Don’t blame us when you’re 60 bucks shorter for the weekend.* -Ronin*

(FINAL ROUND)X “The 10th Year Aninversary of a Southern Tradition”

“Sponsered by ShinBlanka, and all of his friends around the ATL South community”

Date: March 10th & 11th ,2007

Location: Same location, but different name of the hotel “again” this year.

Holiday Inn - Atlanta
2001 Clearview Avenue
Atlanta, Ga. 30340

Phone: (770)455-3700

This is a EMS/DigitalFrontier Phat Production

Just like the title states next year will be the 10th year aninversary of the southeast tradition call FINALROUND. This year I will start the process earlier because FRX will be moving to an earlier date next year. Don’t be alarmed it will be in early march instead of late april. Texas Showdown is usually the 1st major of the year, but I was informed by TS director Chris–“Ranma0005” that they were moving TS to late april because of sponsership with an anime convention in TX.

We talked and swap months for our tournaments which is fine with me, because I always wanted to see how it would be to be the 1st major of the year.:wgrin:
I can’t wait for March 10th & 11th to get here. Hopefully people from as far as Hawaii all the way to Canada, and maybe even japan will attend this years event.:wgrin:

1st of all, I would like to thank all of the people that support the FR tournaments for the past 10 years and support the ATL South scene before if was even call the ATL South division when you attend FR3-FR5. I’ve met so many people over the past 10 years of running FR. My dreams of having a major tournament in the southeast region has come true and it couldn’t have happend without you guy’s supporting the FR tournaments back in the day. Like at FR3 when we stuffed 130 people into my hommies crib. My wife cooked food for the players and the freeloaders that didn’t play in the tournament ate most of the food.:annoy: :annoy: We have come along way from those days and the ride was bumpy, but it was all worth it just to see how FR has grown.

I hope to see everyone from last year back for this year’s event and drag some of your friends that didn’t attend with you last year by the ear down to the ATL. The last FR event was the biggest ever! We had over 101 entries in 3S, 87 in T5, 65 in MvC2, 34 in ST, 48 in GGXX slash, 34 in cvs2, and I hope everyone can make it back this year.

Alot of people in the ATL South don’t get the chance to travel around the nation to play against top players, so FR is an outlet for them to play the best in the southeast and hopefully other regions top players will come down to the dirty south. The history of FINAL ROUND is based on the"Console Warriors" style tournament. But now we have arcade cabinet’s at Final Round. We will have atleast 3-4 arcade cabinets on games that the console version are truly not worth playing on a tournament level.

Games like 3S, Alpha 3 will be in arcade cabinets some having Perfect 360’s and other’s having 8 way standard switch joysticks. The arcade cabinets are donated by different players in the southeastern community. I really appreciate all of the support from those that always help out me and the southeast scene. I will put a star(*) by the games that will be on the cabinet’s and the rest will be on console.

There is a entry fee that is separate from the entry fee to each tournament. FRX entry fee is “$20”. (This fee is to pay for the VENUE, BADGES, NEW JOYSTICKS AND BUTTONS FOR ARCADE MACHINES, and FRX PIMP CUPS)

Like always i need FRX to pay for itself. Last year was a great turnout, but as you can see the hotel is a holiday inn now and the price went up. I was going to move it to another hotel with the price change but so many people like that location, so I will bite the bullet. With that said, I need to get both of those of those ballrooms and they ain’t cheap.

The games, how much, and the days that will be played are as followed:

Saturday March 10th, 2007
3S(*)= $10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
MvC2=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
GGXX (Newest version)=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
KOFXI (Arcade Mode)=$10 1st-70% 2nd-20% 3rd-10%
SC3=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

Sunday March 11th, 2007
12:00 noon
CvS2=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
Newest Tekken=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
A3()=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
)=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
NGBC=$10 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%

3v3 Team tournaments are optional only if we have enough time after every tournament is completed. $5 a head, 3v3 round robin team tournament 70/20/10. Also you can’t use the same characters in that team. If one of your teammates uses a character you can’t use that character. That’s the set up for all team tournaments. No multi character use.

3S, MvC2, GGXX newest version

“Team Tournament’s will be held on Sunday unless there is time after the main tournament is completed.”

Rules: All game Double Elim.–Best 2 out of 3

On all console tournament games:

This is a (B.Y.O.C. = Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament for all of the console games being played at FRX. You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a controller or converter at this tournament for any console tournament. I’m missing 2 PS2 to DC converters and 2 joysticks from previous finalround’s, so untill those item’s are returned to me I will never lend my shit out again.

If you hit the start button or a malfunction in your equipment happens during a
match that makes the game pauses or resets during a tournament match get the head judge in charge of running that tournament to decide what will happen next for that match. Replays are automatic if it’s at the beginning of the match and you have played 5-10 seconds in the game with no one having an advantage in the match. It’s not my problem if “YOUR STICK” malfunction’s during a tournament. I WILL BE THE FINAL SAY ON ANY PROBLEMS THAT MY TOURNAMENT JUDGES CAN’T RESOLVE!

Edit as of 2/21/07:

I have had alot of email’s about “button shouldering/mapping” in certain genre of games. I don’t believe in them due to me growing up playing 2d fighters in the arcade’s. I want to keep FinalRound as close to arcade perfect as I can, but this isn’t the way that most namco 3d players view button shouldering gameplay. So I came up with this solution:

"Button shouldering" will "NOT" be allowed at FRX in the following games:

All capcom 2d fighters and all snk fighters

(THAT MEANS IF YOU RESET YOUR BUTTONS YOU MUST PUT THE DEFAULT MULTI-BUTTONS ON BLANK!!!) So that mean you won’t have your 3xkick button, or 3xpunch button. This applies to snk games also. Any default presets that are NOT like the arcade set up are not allowed. If you don’t have a 3x punch or kick button in the arcade then you won’t use it at FRX! We are trying to make it as close to arcade type tournament as possible and NO button mapping the traditional way to play capcom and snk games IMO. I don’t care where you put them on your controler/joystick but you should only have the following buttons input’s for the following games:

Capcom games that are on consoles will have only 6 button inputs allowed on your controller/joystick and they are:

  1. Jab punch=light punch
  2. Strong punch=medium punch
  3. Fierce punch=hard punch
  4. Short kick=light kick
  5. forward kick=medium kick
  6. roundhouse kick=hard punch

SNK-Playmore games on console inputs that are allowed:

  1. Light punch
  2. Heavy punch
  3. Light kick
  4. Heavy kick

You can have a ***tag button in NGBC ***and a leader button in KOFXI due to gameplay.

"Button Shouldering/mapping" “Will” be allowed for T5DR and SC3 since it’s pretty much accepted in their community.

Capcom vs SNK 2

Roll Cancelling is allowed.
No EX Grooves allowed.
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play.
Switching the order of your characters during the loading screen is only allowed on your first match.
After winning, you must pick the same characters, same order.

Marvel vs Capcom 2*

Game version: US Dreamcast
You may not use any glitch that prevent the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.
Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.
Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point).
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Winner keeps the same team, while the loser can switch teams.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds the match judge will enforce blind random stage select.
“Jinpachi” is banned from tournament play shawty!!!

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Winning player must keep the same character, but can change super art’s. The losing player can choose a new character.
Gill is banned in tournament play shawty!
The in-game judgment feature “WILL NOT” determine the outcome of draw games. You will have to play another 2/3 match to determine a “TRUE” winner!

Guilty Gear XX Slash Singles
#Reloaded characters, Kliff and Justice are not allowed in tournament play.
Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play. Winner keeps the same character and the losers can change characters.

Guilty Gear XX Slash Team Tournament

Game version: Japanese Playstation 2
#Reloaded characters, Kliff and Justice are not allowed in tournament play.
Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.
Each character can only be used once in a team of 3 (e.g. two players. cannot both play Sol).
Each player in the tournament must stick with their character of choice for the entire duration of the tournament.
Each match begins with 1 player from each team playing against each other. The winner of that game remains at the console while the loser must leave and allow another member of his team to play. Once a player has lost, he may not play again. In this manner, the first team to accumulate 3 win (defeating all 3 members of their opponent’s team), is declared the winner.
Teams may choose which order their team members will fight. This decision does not need to be made in advance.
At the beginning of a match, the winner of a coin flip will be given to option of choosing which side they would like to play on (P1 or P2) or whether they would like to choose their first team member to play second.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo(*)
Arcade Cab
Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character. “Akuma” is not allowed in tournament play.

StreetFighter Alpha3(*):
Aracde Cab
M-ism and L-Ism are banned from tournament play.
Classic Mode is allowed.
Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.

Arcade Cab
Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.

The King Of Fighter’s XI
Winners keep the same team and order, while the loser can switch teams.

Soul Calibur 3
Standard Tournament Rules
US Version
VC Allowed
Bonus Chars Allowed
No Custom Chars
Random Stage Select ONLY
Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.
Default Damage
Default Time
Buttom Mapping Allowed
Zas’s Rethrow and multi followup banned
Camera altering glitches banned

Any Team Tournament rules: You “CAN NOT” have 2 people using the same character on your team. So you better make your team wisely.

If you are playing in multiple games you need to notify a organizer when you are about to play in another game, so they can skip your match on the brackets and come back to you after you completed the other tournament match.

Also once the tournament starts you are responsible for knowing when your next match will come up. If you have to go for a food or bathroom break, then “PLEASE” notify the judge at your station or “me” that you will be gone for a few minutes. The judge should beable to tell you when your next game will be and how long you have before your next match up. Just act like you have been to a tournament before people and everything will run smoothly.

Anyone that get’s out of line inside or outside of the hotel will force me to call the police on you. I know everyone watches the “Boondocks” on the cartoon network. I don’t want any “NIGGA MOMENTS!” at this years event. Keep that “BullShit” online or at home. I don’t care where you keep it just don’t bring that Bullshit to FRX. Act like you have some home training people.

Goto this link to pre-reg for FRX.

I know this is early notice, but it’s better than having 1 months notice to plan to attend FRX. I gave ya’ll 7 months to plan and get your money right to attend FRX. Don’t miss it shawty or you’ll be sorry!

P.S.-Anyone that has and is willing to bring a PS3 with T5DR I will pay your entry fee to FRX if you let us use it for the tournament.

Weeee…arcade 3S FTW. Luckily I have some kind of an idea how to use US sticks. Be nice if they could figure out a way to hook up your custom joystick to a cabinet like Tekken 5. That’d be hot ish.

From what I’ve heard, Super Smash Bros Brawl won’t be out until late 2007 at the earliest.

So I doubt it’ll be able to make Final Round X.

Noooooooooooooooooooooo Damn you nintendooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Well i’ll replace it with something else.


7 months advance notice, better than evo
in the dirty south, better than evo
ran by shinblanka and not by toyota rules of sponsorship, better than evo
pimpcups…lol, fuck some evo


If you are not in attendance of this, you simply don’t matter. Be there bitches. I know I will.


Might be asking for too much but can we get some Melty Blood : Act Cadenza up in this :D?

Of course, I shall return this year.

Fuck driving though, drove last year. Flying this time.

This IS the tournament where Augusta will be placed back on the map!

By my hands!

Just kidding.



PLEASE Change AE to ST. By November of 2006, arcade-perfect ST will be released for the PS2. This game will be INFINITELY BETTER than AE. Everyone has retired from AE and hope to never experience the bullshit that is CE Bison ever again.

That is all!

Remember I have the arcade perfect ST in my cab.:looney: I’ll prolly run ST on Sunday like I did at FR9. Just wondering if people would play it that’s all. I thought people prefer to play AE now.

P.S.- hopefully the early notice will help people save up the loot to attend FRX.

Absolutely NOBODY prefers AE. AE is a completely broken game due to CE Bison bullshit. Anyone who questioned this was proven wrong at EVO Finals this year when Tokido learned a couple bullshit tricks, got super lucky, and beat SIX of the best US players IN A ROW with CE Bison exclusive bullshit.

PLEASE if there’s going to be old school SF on a console, use the new arcade-perfect ST that will be out in November, and don’t waste your time with AE.

Can we ensure that we have the, “Please shower and use deodorant before entering” sign at the FRX door, k thanks :tup:.

hope to make it again this year. Any soul calibur action going to take place?Completely missed it last year. Lucky bastards lol

Dirty south son! What u know bout dat musky stuff?

how about we give D.O. at the door. =)

Let the heavy body odor rock the hotel, im down once again. and there is no way justin is going to come from the north side and win a south side tourney again. We gots to represent now

Also when does the preregistration start, there is a 128 man cap and I dont want to be put out of it just cause I didnt sign up quick

KOFXI - only if I can get a dang copy of this game, where is everyone getting it I wants it bad

of course im down.


Also, this is the year of the “Wash your ass clause”. If you’re stinkin, we’ll put you out. Dead serious. You people are staying at a hotel with showers, free towels and free fucking soap; you don’t have any excuses.

I think this will be my first Major ill be attending. Im moving to Georgia soon. Should be fun :tup: