March 12th: GGPO Tournament(Super Turbo)


March 12th, 2010, 9PM / CST

American Continent

Contest rules:
-Entry is completely free, but only registered forum members with at least one post in the forum(no spam) can join the tournament. The user must also have an avatar uploaded to his account, as this will be displayed on the rankings along with his GGPO nickname if he/she makes it to the top 10. Remember to post your GGPO nickname on the registration topic!

-The tournament starts at 9PM Central Standard Time:

-The fight order will be chosen randomly.The fights will be 2 rounds with 99 seconds per round. Best 2 out of 3 and the winner moves on to the next round. There will be no losers bracket for this tournament.

-Each contestant will be allowed to use only two different characters. OG characters are allowed but Akuma is banned.

-The maximum allowed ping will be 170 and only people living in the American continent can participate. This is mainly to avoid lag issues with other regions.

-The deadline to sign up will be march 8th. No one will be allowed to enter the tournament after said date. There will be a live report of the fights at the Results section in the tournament menu of the website.

-The top 10 players of the tournament will be placed in the rankings of with their nickname and avatar.

Prizes and disclaimer:

The first place of the contest can pick between an Xbox live 1600 points card, 3 months of Xbox live or a 20 dollar PSN card. The code will be emailed to the winner as soon as the tournament ends and the results are posted.

The winner will have to use a code that will be sent to their email. This code has to be entered in the console of choice(Xbox 360 or PS3) in orde to buy items from their stores. Fighter101 will purchase this card, verify that it contains a code, and then forward it to the person that wins the tournament.

If the user doesnt activate his code, Fighter101 is not responsible for the use or validity of the code. We only take responsibility for the code when we buy it. To prevent theft or invalid codes, each card can be tracked to a specific console an IP number in case of any problems with it.

Tournament registration link: (registered forum members only)


GGPO is known for having sporadic random server issues. This is completely out of Fighter101.nets responsibility which is why we warn users of this possibility. If that day the tournament has to be rescheduled, we will inform all participants ASAP of the new date of the tournament.

  • Fighter101 Team

hmmm, I might have to get in on this…

what game is this tournament for on ggpo?

nice GNX! :slight_smile: i hope to see you there!.

Of course we the organizers(Tyrantshredd, Philcito & Soto) are banned from this tourney.

It’s for SSF2T (ST)

Check the registration link in the post. It contains all the info and rules.

Oh sorry, is Super Turbo., i have to edit it.

cont me in GT:

You might want to move the tournament to an earlier or later weekend, because Final Round 13 (the second biggest tournament in the US) is running from the 12th-14th. And will probably have many potential players there.

Great to hear more people are signing up, just remember that you need to visit the link to register to the tournament.

This is the link:

It’s all good, this tournament is one of many more to come at Friday 12th will only clash for those that actually go to atlanta, but alot of people will probably not be going anyways.

Thanks for the heads up though!

If you can join in go ahead. You might end up winning the prize and at the very least you’ll have fun and fight against some great players that already signed up.

Damn, I might have to fix GGPO on my machine again and get on this

count me in. just so i understand, did you mean posting in this particular thread (srk) or on the fighter101 forums?

Fighter101 forums.

ok guys, today is the day, here is the bracket:

Remember, this is single elimination.