[March 14-16, 2014] Atlanta, GA "FINAL ROUND XVII" Da Tradition Continues!


FINAL ROUND LLC proudly presents:



March 14-16, 2014

Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30354
Tel: (404) 767-9000

Hello everyone we are back at it again for a 17th year and we can not wait! There’s less than 5 months until FINAL ROUND XVII so the event will be here before you know it. Of course I personally would like to thank everyone in the FGC and the sponsors that have supported FINAL ROUND throughout the years because without you guys there wouldn’t be any FINAL ROUND or scene! This years event will be held on St Patrick day weekend so you’re in for a wild weekend of gaming! Online Registration for your games are up now and we are running an early bird registration special right now so get it while you can! We recommend you to register online as soon as possible to take advantage of the “Early Bird” special! You will receive a discount on the badge price based on the schedule below:

◦ $30 Player Badge if you register BEFORE November 28, 2013
◦ $40 Player Badge if you register BEFORE March 2, 2014
◦ $50 Player Badge Emergency Registration at the door unofficially on:

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 5:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST
and officially on Friday, March 14, 2014 - 8:00 AM EST to 12:00 NOON EST

$20 Spectator fee. Children under the age of 12 (accompanied with parent) unless they are competing are free to spectate and elderly are also free to spectate. We will also have a lost badge fee of $10 for those that miss place your badge during the event, but you must show PROOF OF PURCHASE to receive the lost badge fee. If you can not show proof of purchase you will have to pay the full emergency door fee of $50 to regain entry to the event. If you are competing in ANY singles/teams/exhibition/side tournament at FR17 you must get a players badge to compete.

Nobody wants to be in that long line on Friday anyways so please register as soon as you can to make sure you’re entered into the game you wish to compete in at FR17 at the following link:


To reserve a hotel room please call the hotel at 404-767-9000 and ask for the final round 17 group rate. It’s the double bed room for $93 until rooms run out. They will not charge your card until you check in so don’t miss out on getting your room today! Online reservation page is still under construction, but as soon as it’s ready I will post the link. Don’t call the 1-800 number on the national website because they will not know about the fr group rate.

Here’s the list of the following games that are on the official tournament line up:


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360) - $10
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS3) - $10
Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 (360) - $10
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) - $10
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3) - $10
Injustice: Gods Among Us (360) - $10
Killer Instinct (XB1) - $10
King of Fighters XIII (PS3) - $10
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3) - $10
Street Fighter x Tekken v2013 (360) - $10

All team/side events will be must held on Friday March 14 as this is the only day we have available to run them in a timely manner. All team/exhibitions/side events must get approved by ME to be ran at FR17 period! Side events will be ran by the communities that requested their game to be played at FR17.

Team/exhibitions/side events that are confirmed as of now are as followed:

Of course we are going to bring back the popular series “CURLEY MUSTACHE BATTLE ROYALE” 5v5 team Regional tournament. The hype of FR + CM is too powerful and I know there will be more regions/teams allowed this year! More details coming soon for this instant classic!

Melty Blood
ST - in the arcade room
3S - in the arcade room

We will have a BYOC room for people to play casuals during the event that spectators can play also. We will also have a FINAL ROUND Arcade thanks to Tony Majors. The same guy who brought the arcade to TFC is packing up his gear and driving to the ATL so everyone can enjoy the old school root on which this community was built! Here’s a small list of games that will be at FR17:

Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo - on h2h Japanese cabinets
Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike - on h2h Japanese cabinets
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - on American stand up cab with Sanwa parts
Capcom VS SNK 2 - Japanese cab
Marvel VS Capcom 2 - Japanese cab
Samurai Showdow 2 - American stand up cab Japanese parts
Double Dragon!!!
and many more. I don’t want people to forget the origins of the FGC so having some type of link to the past is important to me and the arcade is where this community came from. Spectators can play casuals in the arcade.

We will have multiple streams for FR17 for those that can not attend FR17 to get a small taste of the event. We are glad to have the following streamers for FR17:

Stream #1= Team Spooky - http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
Stream #2= FunkyP - http://www.twitch.tv/funkyp
Anime = http://www.twitch.tv/sixfortyfive
Injustice/MK stream = Kombatnetwork - http://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork

So with FR17 less than 5 months away there will be qualifiers around the USA and the World coming soon so please stay tuned for more details as they come available. So who is ready for the Tradition that is FR17? I know I am! Also in the memory of Richard “WingZero” Warren his picture will be on the back of each badge in his honor.

Southwest Tournaments/Events Schedule and Organizer Discussion Thread (Updated 01/02)

Im sorry but i really need to ask this…is there any news or event that persona 4 arena will be a part of during this?


You already slow in der no matter what it takes for me to get back home.


Had so much fun at this event last year! Cannot wait to be there again!


From all accounts I thought that game was in the arcade 1st and wouldn’t be on console before march.



We need to talk about MvC2. Thanks!


I also would like to know the status of mvc2 at FR this year as it will decide wether i go or not.


This tournament was added at Tourney Locator:



Thank you! By the way there’s only 89 days until FR17! Reserve your hotel rooms now at https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10704122 and register for you badge/games at http://www.finalround.org/register.cfm to get the $10 discount on entry fee. Remember the hotel will not charge your card when you make an reservation. They will charge you once you check into the hotel during the event. FR17 will be here before you know it so don’t miss out on the southern tradition that is FINAL ROUND!


With 82 days left before FR17 the rooms are starting to go fast! You better get the double bed rooms before they are sold out! last year they sold so fast that only the executive double bed rooms were left within a month and a half away from the event. By the time it was a month away from the event there was only single bed rooms and executive singles left! The best bargain at the FR group rate is $93 for the double bed room under the Final Round discounted group rate instead of the normal 129.

Hotel reservations can be made directly here:

Players that fly to FR17 will be a 3 minute shuttle ride from the venue! There’s a FREE 24 hour shuttle from the Airport to the tournament venue, so no expensive cab rides from the airport this year! The shuttle will also take you within a 5 mile radius of the hotel so you can also go downtown to site see and shop!

This location also has plenty of places to eat inside the venue and around the venue and it is PET FRIENDLY for you guys that bring your pets to the tournament! Remember when you reserve that the hotel will not charge your card before you arrive at the hotel for the tournament!


There will be an exhibition of OG organizer at FR17 between me and BigE in Alpha 2. We are going to try and get this streamed, but we want to know if they people want to see two old guys play an old game on the stream?


I went to my very first one last year so I’ll definitely be their this time. Hopefully with better results. Lol


Thanks for coming back out to FINAL ROUND! We appreciate your support of the FGC!


Larry can we possibly run a KOF team event? We’ll have the #'s but I just want to know what time slots will be available.


Who wants to win this baby?? Come to the Virtua Fighter side tournament @ FINAL ROUND XVII !!!


Yes, this HAS to go down & many people do want to see this


Nobody wants to see 2 old men play an old game on the stream. Forget it sir! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Final Round attendees are in for a special treat this year, thanks in part in Capcom USA, who will be one of the premier sponsors of the event. Their support will consist of an extended invitation to enjoy Ultra Street Fighter 4 during the 3-day tournament expo! Players are invited to join in the festivities of the “Ultra Party”, hosted by Final Round and Scott Popular taking place, March 14, 2014.

Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon made the following statement regarding the upcoming showcase.

This party is sponsored by CAPCOM to show love to the community and kick off a great weekend at one of our communities favorite events! I would personally like to thank Esby Rosas, Matt Dahlgrenn, and Neidel Crisan for reaching out to us at FINAL ROUND LLC to make this happen! So for those that were on the fence about attending FR17 I hope this gets you out of the house and share in the hype that is FINAL ROUND!

Players are highly encouraged to pre-register (which is a godsend for the tournament team working on proper regional seeding), in addition to booking rooms before they’re totally sold out. Only 24 days remain until registration is closed. Don’t delay – head over to the official Final Round website and sign up!
Room reservations can be set up here


Ok for those that have called the hotel to reserve the normal double bed rooms under the FR17 group rate $93(normally $120) and there are sold out so let me see if I can get some more rooms added! I TOLD Y’ALL THEY WOULD START GOING FAST! Give me some time and i’ll call the hotel tomorrow morning to try and get more hotel rooms open for the FR17 group. If I can get more rooms added to the group you better reserve them when you can! We are probably going to book the whole hotel full of FR17 peeps! Also be advised that all rooms under the FR group rate will receive free wifi throughout your stay at FR17!

“As of right now only rooms available online for the FR discounted rate are the following:”

1 king bed = $93 per night- normally $119
2 double bed executive floor= $119 per night- normally $150
1 king bed executive floor= $113 per night- normally $150
1 king junior suite= $133 per night-normally $245 ask Tray “Iceman” because this is what they tried to charge him per night without the FR group rate!"

If I can gets some more rooms make sure you grab them at https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10704122

There’s only 18 days until online registration is closed so you need to get that badge asap to save $10 on your badges.


Also Ono san hinted towards an “ULTRA ANNOUNCEMENT” at FR17! Come and find out if this is a troll or true at FR17!