March 15 Atl Tourney ps. macon owns

Winner(s) at Arbor Place mall in Douglasvill

1st Jamaal R. Grable "the undefeated of the south"
2nd Oscar Abram "the Big O"
3rd it doesn’t matter cause MACON OWNS IN MARVEL VS CAPCOM2

Damn me and Funk shoulda came for some of that Free money.


free money w00t

me too lol

Next time please post the Arbor place tournies up in advance, I live in Atlanta even and never hear about them.:bluu: How many people entered this one?

Come to think of it, EMS went to an Arbor Place tourney last fall. It was me, Larry, Scott, Charles, and Clint. Larry, Charles, and Scott didn’t play, and Clint and I owned everyone. It wasn’t really any sort of accomplishment, since half of the “players”, if you can even call them that, were like 12. So yeah… don’t bother going to those tournaments. Who wants to face the wrath of Harry Potter’s and the Macon Dominators?

I wanna play the Macon guys, if what they say is true, they beat sorry ass hell aka Jay so they are pretty good.

hahahahahahahahahahaahahaaha:lol: Stop harry, i’m about to cry laughing.:lol:

That wasn’t cool man.:lol: :rolleyes: Be nice sir. But you and clint did whoop on everyone the last time ya’ll went up there. Maybe they have gotten much better now and that whoopin ya’ll gave them was the start of them getting better. You never know sir.

when was this? was it tournament or casual? results, anyone?