[March 15th, 2013] Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) Tournament @ Super Arcade (Walnut, California)


Announcing the first Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) Tournament in SoCal to be played on the soon to be released Darkstalkers Resurrection! The Tournament will be held at Super Arcade in Walnut, California, on the first Friday after release March 15th at 9:30pm. I encourage everybody in the area to come so we can build a strong Vampire Savior community in SoCal right off the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. <br><br> Entry for the tournament itself will be only $1, so this event will be open all players, new and old. For the newer players, don’t hesitate to stop by as many of the veteran players are very willing to help teach the game.<br><br> Also, if anybody can bring down a set up (system, game, and maybe a monitor) that would be greatly appreciated. We are very lacking on guaranteed systems at the moment so any extra would be a big help. Contact me if you can provide one, even if it is just the system and game.<br><br>For those not in the SoCal area, Armando of IEBattleGrounds has offered to stream the event for us. I’m not positive of which channel it will be on, but it will most likely be the one below so please follow it.<br><strong><font size=“5”>http://www.twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds</font></strong><br><br>Here is the link to the facebook event if you would like to RSVP: <br><strong><font size=“5”>http://www.facebook.com/events/130367697143340/</font></strong><br><br> <strong>LOCATION AND TIME</strong><br> -Super Arcade, 1211 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA 91789<br> -March 15th, 2013<br> -9:30PM PST<br> -Come earlier for casuals<br><br> <strong>FEES AND PAYOUT</strong><br> -$1 Tournament Entry<br> -$5 Venue Fee for Tournament and Casuals<br>-Winner Takes all (except $1 which goes to second place to pay for their entrance fee)<br><br> <strong>RULES</strong><br> -3 out of 5 matches in finals (Winners, Losers, Grand)<br> -2 out of 3 in all other matches<br> -Turbo 3 Speed Setting<br> -Oboro Bishamon is banned (and any other characters not originally playable in Vampire Savior)<br> -Turbo and Programmable controller functions are banned.<br><br> <strong>HARDWARE</strong><br> -Tournament will be on 360<br> -There may be some casual stations that are PS3<br> -Bring your own stick or controller