March 16th DATE CONFIRMED! Jo0's SFIV and Brawl Tourny DALLAS,TX

When -

March 16th, 11AM - Whenever

Location- Google Maps Link -

Courtyard Marriot
2191 N. Greenville Avenue, Richardson, TX?

Contact -

Me(Jo0) : 469 744 8641 AIM: Vinh say

Please contact me if you can help run the tourny or bring setups. This will be my first tourny to hold and I may need help if I’m overwhelmed with the turn out. I need to keep a count of who can bring setups just for the sake of knowing whether or not we will get a smooth tourny going.

Games -

Smash Bros Brawl
Street Fighter IV

Setups -

I will waive the venue fee if you bring a complete setup.

Complete setup:

  1. TV
  2. Wii and cables or 360 and cables or PS3 and cables
  3. Brawl and SFIV

I encourage everyone to try to bring a complete setup. This venue has a decent amount of space and we can have LOTS of setups up at the same time with PLENTY of space to walk around. (I hope) **ALSO if you can bring extra TVs/consoles that would also help. Just incase people dont have TVs to bring and can only bring consoles. (vice versa)

Surge protectors will help too! We might run out of outlets for consoles and TVs**

We need setups for SFIV and Brawl. For SFIV I will accept PS3s and 360s, if you can only play on one console we can work it out during the tourny. I am only doing this so we can get more setups regardless of what console.

Details -

Venue Fee - $5
Brawl Singles - $10
Brawl Doubles - $5 (per person)
SFIV Singles - $10
SFIV Doubles - $5 (per person)

Prize payouts -

Sorry UTDZac I can’t think of a payout list so I’m borrowing your payout list from Phase

31 individuals or less
1st = 60%
2nd = 30%
3rd = 10%

32 - 63 individuals
1st = 58%
2nd = 28%
3rd = 10%
4th = 4%

64 individuals or more
1st = 55%
2nd = 25%
3rd = 10%
4th = 5%
5th = 2.5%
5th = 2.5%

Schedule -

11AM - Registration begins
1230PM - Brawl Doubles
1PM - SFIV Doubles
230PM - Brawl Singles
330PM - SFIV Singles

With the venue space being a decent amount. If we have a good balance between the amount of setups we can run one of each game’s events at the same time. I am hoping to get this running smoothly and quickly so we can have lots of fun time for friendlies as well.

**General Rules: **

- All games will be played on the default settings, unless otherwise specified, below.
- All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed.
- Hardware macros, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechinsims are strictly forbidden.
- Accidently pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the round (solely at a judge?s discretion).
- You must provide your own controller for games played on the Wii, Playstation3, 360. **(PS3 and 360 Pads please bring your USB cord to avoid synching.)**
- All converters are the responsibility of the player.

SFIV Rules:

** All players are allowed to do button checks BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS. It is your responsibility to make sure your controller and button mapping fits your needs before starting the match. IF FOR ANY REASON YOUR ARCADE STICK FAILS DURING A MATCH, REMOVE YOUR HANDS FROM YOUR STICK AND WAIT FOR AN OFFICIAL TO HOLD THE GAME FOR YOU TO CHECK YOUR STICK OR BORROW A FELLOW PLAYER’S STICK.**

- Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, No Handicap 
- If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select. 
- 2/3 Rounds
- Players must keep the same character throughout the tournament
- Each team is made up of two players
- A team cannot have two of the same character
	- Players must stick with their characters throughout the tournament
	- In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.
- Double Elimination

- Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, No Handicap 
- If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select. 
- 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
- Starting players of the team play, winner stays, loser switches with his teammate.
- First team to eliminate the other wins.
- Double Elimination

Brawl Stages:

Starter Stages
Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
Pokemon Stadium 1
Lylat Cruise
Delfino Plaza

Counterpick Stages
Castle Siege
Frigate Orpheon
Rainbow Cruise

Brawl Rules:

- 3 Stock for Brawl.
- 8 minute timer.
- Items are set to "Off" and "None"
- Matches are best of 3. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals are best of 5.
- Controller port disputes will be resolved by Rock-Paper-Scissors or higher number with G&W's SideB.
- Brawl: First round stage will be determined by stage strike system. Melee: Random with one Stage Strike or use Brawl method.
- No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.
- In teams matches, ports will be 1221.
- If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage.
- If sudden death occurs (outside of timeouts), sudden death will be ignored and a 1 stock, 4 min overtime match will take place on the same stage.
- Make sure you fix your controller and your tag before you start playing. If a match is to be restarted due to controller functions, it must be agreed upon by both parties.
- Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action.
- Double Elmination

Banned Techs:

- Meta Knight's infinite dimensional cape.
- Any infinite grab (including wall grabs) if the opponent is over 250%. For wall infinites, this does not apply if the wall will eventually go away, i.e. PS1.
- Stalling, including planking and scrooging (gliding under the stage repeatedly), is banned. Stalling is the act of deliberately avoiding any and all conflict so that one may make the game unplayable. Running away from an opponent to reach a better position is not stalling. If you are unsure a tactic is considered stalling, ask the TO before using it

Other Rules:

- Bowser/Ganon suicide attacks. Brawl Only. If these moves are used to end a match and a sudden death is then started. Bowser/ Ganon will be declared the winners and the sudden death will be ignored.
- Ledge Grab Limit Rule: Brawl Only. Characters are allowed to grab the ledge a total of 50 times per game. If you think that your opponent grabbed more than this, check the stats after the round. If it is exceeded the limit even by a single ledge grab you will lose your match (not the set). However, this rule can be ignored if BOTH players agree.
- MikeHaze rule: No yelling or making abrupt noises at your opponent.
- Chibo's Video-for-the-masses rule: You cannot refuse to be recorded if you pay money to enter an event.

how many setups do you have on hand for sf4? and how many people are on staff for SF4? just wondering.

Good luck dude. Looking forward to it.

“- Players must keep the same character throughout the tournament, but may change the super art at any time.”

The changing of the Super Art rule only applies to 3S until SSF4 drops.

I think we have about 2 set ups for sfiv. So far I have a pretty low head count on who’s able to come and bring set ups. I’m glad to hear that you are coming. Do you think you can bring a set up and some power strips? Yeah I noticed my mistake on the rules, I pretty much tried to put this up as fast as possible. Once I know for sure that this is the date is set in stone I’m going to try to hype this for everyone in our area. Also do you think you can help me with organizing throughout the day, I do need sfiv staff?

Well If you want the tourney to run as effecient and as smoothly as possible then yeah you need a few people competent enough to run the brackets. As far as set up for SF4, like 4 stations is enough usually.

I cant commit to anything right now but Ill let you know. Post a link in the DFW thread. Have we met before?

Nah we haven’t met. I just got into the SFIV scene I’m still kinda noob, but thanks for offering to help. I should find out if this date is solid tomorrow. Thanks again and I’ll get to posting in the DFW thread now.

Date confirmed!