[March 16th] New Challengers: Invasion! AE/UMVC3/KOF & and More (Stratford, CT)

First tournament of 2013 was GREAT!!! Huge Turnout!!! We only expect it grow as the best monthly tournament series in New England returns with the second event of the new year!!!  Also please be on time so we can finish on time and continue our legendary post tournament activities and we would like everyone who attends to have the opportunity to participate<br>
When: Saturday March 16th 2013<br>
Venue Opens: 11 am<br>
Registration: 12:00 pm to 1:45 pm<br>
Starts:  pm<br>
Venue Fee: $10 You must pay venue if your just playing casuals (Girls dont pay venue)<br>
SFxT: 2 out of 3 3 out 5 wf/lf/gf(time permitting)<br>
SSF4: AE: 2 out of 3 / 3 out of 5 wf/lf/gf<br>
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 3 out of 5 the whole tournament<br>
KOF 13 : will be run by LazyFreddie<br>
DOA5: Will be run by Raion<br>
MK9(PS3): Will be ran by CPTEXECUTION<br>
System: Xbox 360(MK9 will be on PS3)<br>
monitor: Asusvh236h<br>
Tournament fee: $10 per game<br>
Stream: <a href=“http://www.twitch.tv/newchallengers” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>www.twitch.tv/newchallengers</a><br>
Venue: 555 Lordship Blvd Stratford CT<br>
Call the store if your going to be late call or text me BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT STARTS!!! at 203.446.6528<br>
Food: Outside food is not allowed in the venue.<br>
Smokers: The venue has a policy of no smoking by the front door. If you
are going to smoke, please do so in the grass across the the parking
lot.<br>Stay up to date with us!<br>Like us on Facebook.com/newchallengersct<br>Follow us on twitter: @New_Challengers<br>
We will have setups now separately in the back, so you can play casuals
while waiting for your turn in the tournament. Also feel free to bring
in your own setup to play the game you want(space permitting)

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Also if you missed the previous one the nice gentlemen over at www.putthatback.org made a nice recap video of the last event and why you shouldn’t miss the next one</span></font><div style=“font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;”><br></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAQuPtac2Y8&list=PLE5EDEA464A2298FA&index=10</span></font><br></div>

This turnout is already looking to surpass the last tournament<br>

Saturday is coming up and we already have the after tournament activities in planned