[March 1st] Columbus, Ohio Fighter Tournament Run By OSU Club


Hello, SRK! I am a member of BuckeyeLAN, a student organization at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I wanted to give heads up that in two weeks time, on March 1st, my club is hosting a tournament for a variety of fighting games. In our last tournament, I was able to stream the games played, and was told by some people in the chat that they’d wished they’d known about it, as they’d have turned out to play. So I wanted to give some run-up time to anyone in the area that wanted to attend and compete!

Our event will be held at Ohio State’s Student Union, which is 1739 N. High Street, or alternately, the corner of 12th Avenue and High Street. We will have the Creative Arts Room and the Maudine Cow Room (yes, Cow Room. Ohio.) which are in the basement level of the Union, accessible by elevator or stairway (beneath the large stairway leading to the second floor; they can be obscured if you enter from the High Street side). Despite being in a University building, ANYONE, student or not, is welcome. The event will run from 3 pm to 10 pm, with the format being pools into single elimination bracket. Much as I’d like to do double elimination, we most likely will end up hard pressed for time.

Each tournament is $5 buy in, with winner taking all from that total. Five games will be run this way: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters '13, Skullgirls, and Project M. Three other games will be run with $1 buy in, winner take all; Divekick, Shaq Fu, and a secret mystery game that will be revealed the day of the event.

Since I have very little to base the turnout on other than the FGC meetings near campus, it is difficult to make a schedule. But since we have five games and seven hours, ideally we can divide the time between them equally and finish them all without having overlap. So, roughly:
3:00pm – King of Fighters '13 begins
4:15pm – Super Street Fighter IV begins
5:30pm – Project M
6:45pm – Skullgirls
8pm – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The $1 buy in tournaments are less strictly structured and will be fit in during the bracket portion of the main tournaments as possible.

Full disclosure, this is a very community driven event. If anyone can turn out and provide their setup, or any part of it, like a television or Xbox, it would be much appreciated. It is difficult for our club to buy permanent setups or games and justify it to the University. I am ensuring that each game is playable on two setups with my own (one of each console version for KoF, Marvel, and SSFIV, two consoles for Project M; I personally own Skullgirls for only for PS3 but the local community has promised to bring another setup for it, due to the publisher debacle lately). Every game WILL run regardless, but every extra setup that is brought will speed up the pools for that game and increase our effective capacity.

And of course, provided tournaments don’t need them, free play is encouraged on any open setup of whatever games you’d like to bring, no venue fee.


I am very interested! Even though I will be completely clueless on how to get to the actual venue. I’m from Sandusky Ohio but would love to attend!



Hopefully the generic start point of Sandusky still works for you; but this should take you to the venue! Granted you’ll have to find a place to park nearby; there is a University-owned garage near the Union, but on a weekend I’m unsure how reliable it would be.


Okay thanks a lot cya there!


This sounds awesome man! I am really interested. I actually got accepted to OSU last summer which was a dream of mine, but decided to be an Akron Zip. How was the turn out of your last tournament?


This is the first tournament that the club has run purely for fighting games, so it’s difficult to tell. I have done everything in my power to advertise the event as thoroughly as possible through campus, but all I can tell you for turnout that’s almost certain is the local FGC club. Their facebook group has some 250 members, and the last two week-night meetings I went to of theirs they had around 30 people each time. So it’s hard to say, but we’re trying our best to have a strong start.


Cool, well hopefully I can make it out there. Shaq Fu is going to be a good time hahaa