March 1st, Milford, CT Krazy City 4-game Tourny

Sorry, last post was deleted, and by the comment it looked like a forgot the date. My apologies again, and here is the info:

Location: Westfield CT Post Mall Krazy City, 1201 Boston Post Road, Milford CT, 06460

There will be a tourny on the last Sunday of the month of MARCH 1ST (Sunday) for the following games:
3rd strike
CvS 2
Mavel vs Capcom 2

$7.00 at the door, $5.00 pre register for each game.

First place for most played game: Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Joystick(PS3).

First Place for each game will receive the largest trophy and 70% of money taken in. Example 100 people show for the game and the registration rate of $7.00 first place will take home $490.00. In addition to a $100.00 game card towards Krazy City

Second Place for each game will receive the second place trophy and 20% of money taken in. Example 100 people show for the game and the registration rate of $7.00 first place will take home $140.00. In addition to a $50.00 game card towards Krazy City

Third Place for each game will receive the third place trophy and 10% of money taken in. Example 100 people show for the game and the registration rate of $7.00 first place will take home $70.00. In addition to a $20.00 game card towards Krazy City

Farthest Distance Traveled will receive a custom trophy for your dedication to keeping the fighting community alive and will be paid $25.00 for your travels.

If one person takes all 3 titles 300% of funds received go to the winner. Example: 100 people for each title at $7.00 the total for each game will 700. The grand champion will receive $6300.00, grand prize, and all trophies.

At the Fighters all out tournament all winners from the previous year are invited back to compete against each other. The grand prize for this is a Multicade Cabinet and over $1,500.00 cash. Once again this could result in a grand championship prize of $13,500.00.

You can win over $21,000.00 in cash and prizes!!!

Rules are pretty much exactly the same as EVO.

It would start at 7pm to the end of the tournament, Free play on Tekken 3, X-Men, the NeoGeo, Golden Tee, and Terminator 2 while you wait.

Food and beer on premises served until 2am with great specials (must be 21 or older and have proof of ID for beer)
Tell us how to improve, to make your gaming experience the best!

Join us as we do our grand opening of CT’s newest fighter arcade
For pre-registration information and other questions, please email us at or stop in at the Milford, CT Krazy City location and ask for Kevin (there are 2 but either will do)

Full list of new fighter games going out on February 1st, 2009. On this day, from 6pm to 8pm they will all be on freeplay:
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
X-Men: Children of the Atom
Tekken 3
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
The King of Fighters 2002 (and eventualy 98)
Samurai Shodown 5

Thank you!

Bump for the hype!!!

Bump again for hype! I can’t wait for this, I hope a lot of people come!

Hey braintrust do you have a party room in the arcade? If so would there be any way for us to get some tvs in there to try to hold a SFIV/HDR tourney?

Brian, I just happened to walk by Krazy City yesterday and was shocked someone is actually trying to revive the fighting game scene in CT. Thanks for the great effort and Krazy City is a great location cuz it’s in middle of NYC and Northern CT. I want to enter the CVS2 tourney, how do I pre-register?

Yes, we do have a party room. A whole sit down restaurant actually, with alcohol!. Able to hold 200 sitting 800 standing. We will be holding console tournaments, including SF4 and HDR. After this 1st run, we are going to announce those, they wont be very far from each other. We will probably announce it to everyone at the tournament coming up.

Right now, the only way to pre-register is to come in and talk to someone behind the desk, ask for Kevin. Or you can pre-register through PAYPAL. Shoot us an email and we will send you the invoice.

It will be the same times and everything. If you are one of the many who pre-regged, and do not wish to/can’t make the new date, please let us know so we can refund your registration. If you would like to stay with us then we will adjust the date.

Reasoning for this change is due to the SF4 tourny JWong is holding. Check it out.

There will also be free-play Sundays for these games up to the tournament from 6pm to 8pm.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the late post, I have been sick the past few days.


yea ill be here to show the support but I am a little confused with the prize though. Will you be able to do a estimate if it aint 100 people that shows up. Like 30 or 40 or 50?

lets say 10 pre reg @ 5 = $50
10 @ door = $70
+ ______


                                       1st = $84

Thats pretty dumb that the tourney is changed JUST FOR JUSTIN WONG, i mean no offense but its CORNY.

You might want to edit the thread title to reflect the date change

Changing the date was a decision the 3 of us here had to make. We figured, with SF4 being out that week, PLUS a tounament for it nearby on the same day, it would hurt one of the tounaments showings, and we figured with a big name, and a huge release, we would be taking a hit on attandance. It’s mostly moved beacuse its a SF4 tournament, not really any idol worship there.

So by moving it, we hope to be able to have both tournaments get a good showing.

It also give me some more time to get ready. I have been really sick, and couldn’t work on anything for a while.

In other news, we put out Third Stike and Children of the Atom last night. The cabinet for 3s isn’t in the best condition right now, but I had to move it out because we needed the room in the back. In the future, the whole cabinet will be replaced.

The NeoGeo (KoF 98, MotW, SamSho5, Metal Slug3) should be going out soon too, all it really needs is a deck decal, and a few other small things then its all set to go.

Again, sorry for the postponement.

EDIT: How do I change the title? I can’t find the option.


You might have to get the moderator to change the title. I dont think you can.

I was there last sunday during the free play, was the manager there that night Kevin? He played CVS2 with me and he used Sagat and Ken…and btw, make sure you keep the default speed on the CVS2 machine for the tourney. You guys had the speed cranked up to max when i got there and we had to get the guy to bring it back to default.

Good business move but it was only mentioned because more than one person noticed it was posted before it was edited that u changed it for him.

Good luck with the tourney, most likely theres gonna be a huge turn out, DSP SAYS HE WONT COME, SOMEBODY CHANGE HIS MIND!!!

Yea there are 2 managers named Kevin. That was one fo them. My name is Jon. I was the kid with the black baseball cap on, who cahnged the speed and everything for you. It will be on all defaults the day of the tourny, don’t worry about that =).

Also, don’t forget, there is a freeplay every sunday before the tournament from 6pm to 8pm! Feel free to stop in those days!


You should change the date in the first post and in the thread title.

When you’re looking at the thread in the Tournaments & Events screen double click on the white space right near it to change the title.

oh crap my bad Jon I kept calling you Brian probably because I read your screen name wrong the first time and Brian just got stuck in my head. I’ll be there again this Sunday. thanks


Our advertising, as well as the word in the community, have become so big that the Game Stop Street Fighter 4 tournament is being hosted by us, the Brain Trust, at our Krazy City location. It’s on the same day as ours (the 1st of March), and its FREE. That’s right! The Brain Trust is bringing you a FREE SF4 tourny. Sign up while you’re here to play in one of our other 3 tournys. All of Game Stops tournament rules are going to apply to it.


The top 16 finalist will get an automatic bid in the EVO 2009 Championship Series.

This Tourny has a grand prize of a LIMITED EDITION STREET FIGHTER IV ARCADE UNIT. Yes an official cabinet! Other prizes include an arcade stick for XBOX 360 and much more! We are also going to have trophies for this SF4 tourny!

Here is a link with more information:

Stop into Krazy City or either of the game stops to register for it! Or email us at

In addition we at the Brain Trust would like to thank BOBBYPIGO for our new company slogan

In Brain we Trust.

BOBBYPIGO send us an email if you show up at our tourny your entry is on the house!

Your Friends,
The BrainTrust

Please ignore the last post. Gamestop is now telling us that they can’t run that specific tourny here, but they will have one with us that they will do prizes and things for.

I will keep you updated.


Is MVC2 going to be on console or arcade? I never heard of this place. How many people do you have for marvel? :wonder:

hooray for cvs