March 20th SF4 Tournament

I need two other people to join my Milf in battle :razzy: I don’t care what the team name is, just need two other people who want in. If i can’t make it for whatever reason, i’ll message all members, but count me in this for the time being. Whoever wants in PM me, or add me on PSN. Whatever you do, get at me. :tup:

Team TIGER!!! anyone? hahah xD

idk if ill make it since its a friday. might be out somewhere

Team names don’t really matter just so you all know, I’ll just name the team the username of who posted the sign up

You must not know who Alex Valle is.


And if blazeu25 doesn’t show up on friday, I’ll be filling in for him xD

Who doesnt know Alex Valle, thats like not knowing who Daigo is…

Tetsuya, reportin’ for duty :nunchuck:

Just signed up as the third for Magneto’s team. He’ll fill you in on the details later.

Alright let’s try…

Team Magnetic Mofo…+1

I need a team.

Preferrably with the best players possible. :slight_smile:

Team Prostitute Cupcakes:

PSNs: xKyorix, StoicStrife, Grimlock282

Team Renegade

PSNs: uplup, Mercilessrampage, Blake_Brown

I’d like a team if anyone is willing to take the chance :slight_smile:

Team Magnetic Mofo…+1

  1. MagnetoManiac
  2. umthrfkr
  3. Kikumaru-chan

I can’t believe Magneto forgot to post our PSN names earlier ;-;

ill b willing to join if any1 needs a team. im a philly player if it matters
PM me for any1 who needs an extra body

I’m open for a team if team ocean is busy. and atm they are busy playing RE5.

so if anyone needs a Rog/Akuma

I’ll join a team, be aware though. I’m not exactly a top player ^^’

Can the Legendary Johnson brothers join? I would like to join this tournament. I’ll be on with you guys on Friday. I don’t mind to join any team too. A Legend will rule this tournament. See you online amigos!! Bye!!

wait quick questions.

  1. do we have to message u via AIM, etc. b4 we begin
  2. can we have multiple chars like 3 sagats, 2 giefs, etc.?

looks liek i wont be abel to make it. got a sf4 tourny in ny and after that going to chill with some bitches

If its cool with you blaze, I’d like to take your spot on that team.

  1. There will be an IRC chat (TBA) everyone has to be in before I begin. If you don’t have mIRC, there’s the option of messaging me on msn/aim to set up your matches. Otherwise, if you’re not on the chatroom before i begin, your spot will be up for grabs.

  2. multiple chars are NOT allowed(I figured this was a given but I’ll clarify on first post)


B#tches ftw!