March 21st Bi-Weekly Tournys return to Chicago! (Nickel city)

Thats right! SF4 will be out and it’s time to start a new era of tournys in Chicago! These will NOT be like the old tournys where they started hours late and were only ran for certain people to profit. These are tournys to help build the comunity and help EVERYONE step their game up in ALL games!

Saturday March 21

Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 559-8727

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike and Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Sign ups 2:00PM Tournaments START at 3:00PM

All other tournaments start at 5:00PM


These are BI-WEEKLYS and console games with be rotated between STHDR,TVC, and GGXXAC…except the first week

Game Lineup:

Street Fighter 4 (360)
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Wii)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD: Remix (PS3)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Arcade)
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (Arcade)

Contributing consoles:

SF4 - 360 - Eric/Jim
HDR - PS3 - Syxx
TVC - Wii - Keits
GGXXAC - PS2 - Capps

Entry Fee:
Each game is $1 to promote EVERYONE to enter EVERYTHING even if it’s not your best game and you just dabble in it… its $1 to help you level up because there’s nothing better then tournaments to help you level up.
(There is also a $2 entry fee to enter Nickel City this is not included in your tournament entry fee)

1st - 60%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%
4th - Entry fee back (if over 11 people)
There is a chaaaaance there will be pot matching by Amar if we meet a certain # but if there is it will only be iceing on the cake and will possibly give 5th place some entry fee’s back too as these tourny’s are NOT run soley for the purpose of getting certain people money for the week as they used to be.

If you can help with bringing consoles/sticks let me know because it would be very helpful! (TV’s are already provided by Nickel City)

March 14th? Im there.

So I assume MvC2/3s will be arcade?

Man this sounds like a good time.

changed the date so it doesnt conflict with FR/gamestop RD3

I will come.

cool works for me, my grandmother will be so happy.

lets hit up some garou

will do, it’ll be nice actually gathering at nickels again.

can help with an additional 360 if needed.

Special Event #1 just announced

Floe Vs Jim for that project justice title gtfoooooooooooooooo jim!

screenz are smash and naruto tournys…these are for sf players…and they are in vastly different locations

Good shit Ari.:tup:

I’ll be sure to be there, I’d be happy to supply a Wii setup for TVC.

-EX :cool:

It (screenz) won’t be for SF players until SF players start coming. If brawl or naruto players didn’t show up then those tournaments would get dropped, and now the 2D tournaments are in danger of getting dropped because there aren’t all that many 2D players showing up for these.

That said I’ll be trying my best to do both, since these will definitely be better comp than screenz is.

Nice stuff Ari. I too can help by bring my Wii for TvC and my PS2 for GGAC. In the future, will S!AH2 be added or not (just an idea, since I know there will be at least three other people playing S!AH2)?

I would be more than happy to bring a ps3 and hd monitor, as well as a controller converter (which most people have anyway), HD Remix, and SF4 if it turns out to be PS3. Also I can bring a Wii and Tatsunoko, but I only have a wiimote and classic controller right now, so no Gamecube converters but I might get a couple by then.

Yay! I will do my best to be at some of these! I’ll bring what i can when i come.

Good job Ari - Chicago’s Savior.

And ranking system sounds goodAWESOME.

Date Change smate shange.

Honestly no one from Chicago sounds like they are going to FR anyway.

Anyway, Ill be here for this REGARDLESS.

Im two hours away and I will come to this as much as I can.


[quote=“Necrosis, post:10, topic:55662”]

It won’t be for SF players until SF players start coming.

We Will Come


let the kyosuke glitching fun begin!

hey ari, i would want to help out with the point/ranking system. maybe we can work something out?

Ari, you know what’s up! I’d be willing to bring a 360 w/ SFIV & HDR and I can probably bring the setup for TvC with converters.

There’s a feeling about nickels that I miss so having these there again is going to be good times. The turnout and the response is already pretty good for these and that doesn’t even include people that don’t post here regularly.

Gotta start playing 3S on american again. Maybe it’ll be for the better.

nm, I misread something tony/necrosis were talking about, that:

I interpreted that being directed toward these coming nickels tourneys, when I can see now he was actually talking about screenz tourneys. I’ll edit my earlier post.