[March 22nd-23rd 2014] P4A, SSF4AE2012, FIFA 14 - Saue Youth Center (Tallinn, Estonia)



NOTE: I am NOT the organiser. The organiser’s contact details are in the poster and at the end of the post

FORMAT: Tournaments

VENUE : Saue Noortekeskus, Koondise 20, Saue, 76506

DATE: 22th and 23rd of March

TIME: 12.00 – registration and attendance check
13.00 – the start of the tournaments

TRANSPORTATION: From the Tallinn Airport take the bus nr. 2. to “Hobujaama”. From there you either take the streetcar (tram) nr. 1 or nr. 2. direction to “Kopli”. The stop that you are looking for is “Balti Jaam”. From there take the train.

From the Tallinn Harbour walk to the nearest streetcar (tram) stop and take either the streetcar nr. 1 or nr. 2 direction to “Kopli”. The stop that you are looking for is “Balti Jaam”. From there take the train.

Train schedule can be found from www.elron.ee Bus schedule can be found from www.tak.ee

22th March – Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Persona 4 Arena

23rd March – Fifa 14

REGISTRATION: The number of participants is limited to 64 competitors per every game. You can register yourself via e-mail jan.pillav@gmail.com, via phone 59185556 or at the venue one hour before the start of the tournaments. We suggest registering via e-mail because the attendance is limited.


All default teams are available. Players have to decide between themselves what match-up ratings they want. The game is without update so all the teams have the release date rosters. Competitors play two halves. The durance of one half is 6 minutes. In case of a draw the competitors go straight to the penalty shoot-out. All the settings are on factory settings/default. Weather and the referee will be chosen as random.

Rounds best out of 3
Matches best out of 3
Timer set on default
Final matches best out of 5
Tournament is double elimination. Loser can change his/her character. No player is character locked.

We will go over the rules before the event starts.

All games are played on Sony Playstation 3 consoles. Players can use their own controllers /arcadesticks.

SPONSORS: Sony, Euronics, Gamestar, Saue Noortekeskus

Contact: jan(dot)pillav(at)gmail(dot)com
+372 59185556

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/203839146473954/