[March 24th, 2012] Gaming Ottawa Presents: Capital K.O


**Date: **Saturday March 24th 2012

[INDENT=1]St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall (523 St. Anthony’s Street in Ottawa, off of Preston St near the Queensway)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Doors open at 11AM, event shuts down around 9-10pM on Saturday.[/INDENT]
Official Tournaments and Entry fees:

KoF 13 – $10
U MvC 3 – $10
SSF 4: AE- $10
SFxT - $10
SSB Brawl (Singles) – $10
SSB Brawl (Doubles) – $20/team
SSB Melee (Singles) – $10
SSB Melee (Doubles) – $20/team

Click here to download the day’s schedule.


As always we will be having a venue ticket and an entry ticket. The entry fee will go to the prizes and be split 1st/70%, 2nd/20%, and 3rd/10%

Venue Ticket – $10

Registration for an event closes 45 minutes before the scheduled start time. For example, registration for SSF4:AE will close at 12:15pm (45 minutes before its start time at 1:00pm)

Liability and Release Form
As always we want you to know the risks involved in being a gamer. We don’t want you to have to hang out with someone who has raged at you or messed with your stuff. All it asks of you is to don’t be a dick to other players, volunteers, or to anyone else around. You will have to sign it to get in the door, so save some time and bring it signed!


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Just wondering, why wasn’t there one during Feburary?

We went and asked the community what they preferred and it was to have a bi-monthly event instead of having it every month.

Ah, I see. That’s a little upsetting. Since I missed out on January, how many people attended?

January was a much lower turn out then normal due to the last minute factor. We had decided that it was better to run something rather than nothing at all.

please review the tournament posting thread,

good luck with this

Y’all gonna add cross tekken? Everyones been on about how awesome the game is it would only make sense.