March 31st Spring break Tournment results (Winnipeg)

We’ve had tournaments before but this may be the first time results from a Winnipeg tournament will be posted up.

There were only two tournaments a 3s team tournament and a Smash tournament.

3S Team Results

1st - Team Jerk/Everyday (David “The Chinese Beast” Liu (MA), Tim “Tech Hit” Ho (RY), Jerry “sinsang” Tang (YU))

2nd - Team Sauladi (Andrew “thegaybarguy” (RY), Shane “shinakuma” Fleury (AK), Keith “KLB” Bailey (KE))

3rd - Team Diversity (Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky (KE), James “Korea” Kim (DU), Steffan “remyhoward” Fields (AL))

4th - Team Cartoon All-Stars (James “steffan” Howard (RE), Duong “nYo” Phu (RY), Tyler “KangDo” Sanderson (YA))

5th - Team R…R…RRR (Jo Arcillia (HU), Mark Arcillia (IB), Ken Gavina (KE))

6th - Team Fatal Fury (Kevin (RY), Jeremy (AK), Alex (KE))

7th - Team DTF II (Taegen (KE), Rex (MA), Curtis (IB))

Most of these players are unknown to most of you with perhaps Shane being the most notable one. I believe the man is an old school legend in the SF scene.