[March 5th] PxG presents: Fight Night Arkansas ft. $200 pot bonus for SFV - Conway, AR

Brought to you by Panda x Gaming

Fight Night Arkansas returns with Episode 3 of Season 1! Featuring a $200 pot bonus for STREET FIGHTER V!

Pre-register at… http://bit.ly/fna13prereg
Pre-registration closes at 11:59PM on March 3rd. Brackets will be available to view on the 4th.

Season 1 Schedule:
FNA 1.1 - January 9th (done)
FNA 1.2 - February 6th (done)
FNA 1.3 - March 5th (Featuring Street Fighter V)
FNA 1.4 - April 16th (Featuring Street Fighter V)

More tournaments. More hype. More fun.
Welcome to Fight Night Arkansas!


  • March 5th, 2016
  • $10 Pre-registration Fee ($15 at the door so pre-reg!)
  • $10 Game fee (per game you enter)
    $5 off your venue fee if you bring a setup ( TV + Console + Game all w/ updates/DLC) . Please list what you can bring in the comments! Displaylag.com is a good resource to double check the input latency of your monitor. We will not accept monitors with more than 11ms of lag.
  • Pre-registrants will be reimbursed $5 at the door if they bring a full setup.
  • On-site registrations CLOSE 15 minutes before each game is scheduled to start. Registering on-site will not grant you proper seeding.
  • BYOC (bring your own console) area will be available for side tournaments and casuals. Please note that non-official tournaments are secondary in scheduling. Main tournaments come first.

---- GAMES ----

  • Smash 4 Wii U
  • Street Fighter V - $200 pot bonus
  • Smash Bros Melee
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • Project M
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Killer Instinct
  • Guilty Gear XRD

Doors Open
11:00 AM

Wave 1
12:00 PM Smash 4 Singles (Wii U) // Melee Doubles (Wii)
1:00 PM SFV (PS4)

Wave 2
3:00 PM Killer instinct (XB1)
4:00 PM Melee Singles (Wii) // GG XRD (PS4)

Wave 3
6:00 PM Project M // MKXL (PS4)
7:00 PM UMVC3 (X360)