March 6th Street Fighter 4 Tourny, INDESTRUCTABLE! #SF4tourny on efnet

Tournament date: Friday, March 6th, 2009, 7PM PST, 8PM MST, 9PM CST, 10PM EST, 3AM GMT


2/3 rounds, double elim, winners/losers finals 3 out of 5, Grand finals 4/7. Must be default settings and winner will stay with character. Must be in mIRC chat or on Aim/Yahoo/MSN.

#SF4 on efnet (mIRC)

Banned: No one

Don’t mash start, I swear it causes disconnects during intro or between rounds


Just play it, nothing I can do. If its so unplayable then Ill coin flip.

32 spots available:

  1. RagingStormX
  2. resonating
  3. SquaLLio
  4. OAG3K
  5. blazeu25
  6. Hi-Tek_Saint
  7. jiorio
  8. Duncalunk
  9. MagnetoManiac
  10. MrPFloyd
  11. KomboKaze
  12. DaFeetLee
  13. Psycho_Gorath
  14. SaintConnor
  15. jsynergy
  16. doujinshiSRK
  17. Aldagod
  18. KarlCarlson3
  19. namco827
  20. Zoox
  21. Guts-
  22. ahnonimous
  23. Darkmeltdown
  24. Crono_Obskura
  26. avalonstar
  27. DNLe
  28. Luigi-Bo87
  29. TruAj
  30. Scunsion
  31. MAGkulit
  32. gj8409

I guess i’ll sign up. What are the ground rules for east coast-west coast connections, or anything 2 bars and lower?

Count me in.

Who cars about getting r*ped. I’m down.:rock:

rsx u already no. and y not just tell ppl to get in our ggpo a2 room?

EH, they can use ggpo if they want, but some people dont like downloading stuff.

lol mah lazy Jesus. it takes 2min at the most lol.bc irc slows down my pc for idk what reason. i got 2gb of ram to so idk wats the problem

uh I guess you can count me in.

Count me in please. PSN jiorio

Ill play

PSN: Duncalunk

sign me up plz . hopefully it isnt the same day as offline tourney…

I am in.

sign me up :smiley:

What’s good!

I’m definitely in.

Im in

Have to see what my schedule is at work…I’m pretty sure I have that day off, so you can put me as a “maybe” if you want and I’ll confirm later.

count me in!

sign me up too about time there’s a tourney

psn: Aldagod

I’ll play.