March Grand Master Monthly 3/27


Street Fighter 4

  1. Dr.Chaos
  2. Josh Wong
  3. Skye
  4. CoMeBaCk
  5. Magneto_X
  6. FecalPenance
  7. Philly-One
  8. Shervin
  9. Tone
  10. Pete68
  11. The Strangla
  12. Fran Hackett
  13. Malice
  14. Evan
  15. Eronios
  16. Long
  17. Sir Kanch
  18. Fight Club HuBBs
  19. Steve
  20. Sporko
  21. Dave2J
  22. Bez
  23. Ron Maloles
  24. Nikkowar
  25. Bakuryu

Soul Calibur 4

  1. Woahzz
  2. MT Fighter
  3. Sporko
  4. ZeroEffect
  5. HuBBs
  6. Bibulus
  7. kPc
  8. 350z
  9. JJJ
  10. Malice

Tekken 6

  1. kPc
  2. Magneto_X
  3. Woahzz
  4. Pete68
  5. MT Fighter
  6. Josh Wong
  7. HuBBs
  8. Bibulus

Tastsunoko vs Capcom

  1. Magneto_X
  2. Dave2J
  3. Josh Wong
  4. Steve
  5. Sir Kanchi
  6. Eronios
  7. Bakuryu


Gs chaos and look at Kyle making top 5! Damn I miss those Philly touraments.


Thanks for coming everyone.

SSF4 release party at gamerdoc, in the works stay tune.


Whoa! Dave still got some tvc skillz?? Good stuff and to josh wong for getting 3rd in tvc… RANDOM! He plays that game? lol Miss philly…


Wow. comeback top 5? lets go kyle. Josh WONG! nice to see you up there sir.


I think i talked Josh into coming back. lol lol. But i hope he does.:slight_smile:


Good Job Chaos and Josh Wong. Tea Boss is still #1. Lemonade Tea Boss ftw!!!


Come Down homie.


GS chaos and Josh!!!


Chaos is a BEAST


damn was hoping for better than 9th. good rounds gentlemen. ah well, still waiting on those vega buffs in super.


Just wanted to post to mention that I had a great time and met a lot of cool people. Still new to SF4, and this was only my second tournament but I felt welcomed, and hell, I won my first set in tourney so, you know, HYPE, ha.

I should be coming to one of those friday sessions eventually, and try to whip my scrubby Abel into a slightly-less scrubby Abel.

Oh, and good job to placers.


We need more new people to join us, so please tell them about the time you spend with us. :slight_smile:

And im glad you had a great time.


For real Pete? What is that shit?


Hahaha… Eh, it happens. I almost put Skye in loser’s and then got out-lamed by Kyle. The Honda gauntlet!! :arazz:

From now on I will not be out-lamed by anyone. :nono:


Philly is Honda’s favorite city.