March Grand Master Monthly results

First things first. We had some problems with the stream. My pc had to go wireless and had to fight with 7 ps3’s for bandwitdh. Next time we are going hardline even if the cable is 100feet. Also my pc crashed a few times because I had too many usb devices plugged in. once I figured that issue out it ran smoothly. Anyway enough bitching on my part.

The return of the GMM was great. We had a awesome turnout and quite a few new faces. The tournament went smoothly and everybody looked to had a great time. Shout out to all the players that came. You’re all amazing. Anyway here are the results.

SSF4 Top 10:

1: Demon Hyo
2: Julian
3: Dr.Chaos
4: Ninjacw
5: AndyG
5: Kenny
7: Mahv L
7: CrazyMasterHand
9: Hubbs
9: PokeBall


1: Demon Hyo
2: Dr.Chaos
3: GFX
4: Zucco
5: 10Star
5: Moneysmith
7: Nas
7: Ninjacw
9: Terrence
9: dmbrandon
9: Skyet
13: Sam
13: Hubbs
13: CrazyMasterHand
13: FeLax
17: Avery’
17: Julian
17: Stephen
17: Hal
17: AndyG
25: Dave2J

Yea congrats to the winners… and i must say defienietely that Philly/DE is def. Taskmaster country lol…

also shouts to DE getting in there!!

hopefully ill grab more DE cats next time (roll with some more Delaware cats next time)

ggs to everyone. Shouldnt have lost to zucco but whatever. Luck takes sides.

Game Junkie store is too good! Can’t believe I got to play goldeneye battle mode with someone! But then while playing I realized how much harder goldeneye was compared to cod type games, and saw how ASS I was at aiming up/down using the C buttons lol. Still best FPS ever made…

Also shoutouts to Hubbs and BIG E for hosting the tournament and ggs to everyone who showed.

That was fun, I will see everyone at the next event. Shoutouts to Resident Evil 5.


Shoutouts to alcohol, no practice, and barely any AH3 :party:

Donkey Kong Champ.

GS glad everyone had fun hope to see everyone at the next event.

We will start doing Bi-weeklys.

Bi-Weeklys eh? ill try to be there for most of them

I hope you can make it nas.

most likely i should… also we should put the stream by the front window of the game junkie… so passerbys could be like “yo, What’s that?” we could use a lot space… and it’s an awesome family run store it seems… so shouts outs to the owners to grace us with their store!!