MARCH MADNESS: Friday Night Battles at SFSU


friday night battles
every week in march at the RNC!!

$5 entry
certain games will be capped!
sign-ups begin at 4:30 pm and closed at 5:00 pm SHARP!
tournament begins at 5:15 pm.
prize: 70/20/10 %

week 1 3/5: SF4 and SF3

week 2 3/12: Tekken 6 and BlazBlue: CS

week 3 3/19: CVS2, NVC2, Puzzle Fighter, and SF3 (old school night)

week 4 3/26: SF4, T6, and SF3:3S

if you are interested in running a tournament, please ask me!
hope to see you all there!

and remember… practice makes perfect. fight on! :nunchuck:


on PS3 or XBox or arcade machines?

standard tournament rules / double elim I assume?


It’s an arcade and the rules I assume will depend on turnout.


Nice, I’ll definitely have to roll thru for this for week #1. Any word on how late this will be going on til?


i want to know if this is double or single elimination too


Ooooh my old stomping grounds!

Very interested.


if its raining hella hard outside ill be there for probley 3s since i start work at 7pm cuz maybe sf4 will run till say 9pm for a good guess. go 0-2 right quick and enjoy the rest of the friday:looney:


deets (ahem… i mean details)

hi all!

just a couple points i forgot to mention:

  • this is a double elimination tournament
    (any game with more than 16 competitors will be 1/1 in the first few rounds)

  • pay to play

  • all tourneys start at 5:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.
    (we have to be mindful of building hours!)

  • prize offered for first place of every tournament!

also, i still need folks to run brackets… holla at your poolchic.
… and oceguy says hi… :razz:


How’s the protest holding up? Will 19th open up for traffic by then?


I would love to come up for one of these if I ever get a Friday off work! Any results from last week’s despite the protests?


Who’s coming to this friday’s tourney? It’s a big effort to get there so early for me, and I don’t want to go if I’m the only one who’s going to play, so please post if you are going to play dat cvs2.


Due to the protests anyone know if there will be parking/traffic issues? Have a friend visiting from out of town so not sure if I can make it.


I’ll try to come to the one on the 26th. Any results from the previous ones?


Anyone going today for cvs or marvel? i’m thinking about it.


going with Mr Warzard from some CVS2.


Thanks again OCE crew for this week’s tournaments! GGs also to everybody I played in cvs2.


I just went to SFSU yesterday to take my ELM test. Campus is really nice and Im probably going to go there next year. Good to see they play fighting games there.


Kurokiba and a couple others will b attending this week’s tournament! get hyped!


See you there Kurokiba <_<


I’ve been out of practice, but i’m definitely going this friday.
I’m actually wondering when Kiba and I will face each other in a tourney… lol
We’ve only fought each other once in a tourney, and that was in a Brawl tourney.

But this is Street Fighter! Get HYPED!!