March madness quick results

CVS2 got delayed til Sunday, but they held a mini CVs2 today here’s the results

30 people:

  1. nestor
  2. josh wong
  3. sanford kelly
  4. arturo
  5. guy from MD
  6. julian
  7. robert siglye
  8. som d?

this tournament was so fucking nice eric is the man
i dunno about GGXX/Reload/Team but there was mad people maybe someone will fill it in

looks at top 2…u gotta be kidding me lol.

nestor beat sanford 3-0
josh wong came from the losers after i beasted the heck out of him in the winners (haha) and beat arturo 2-1, sanford 3-1 then it was late so josh/nestor just split the win

nestor is the truth, he walks forward activate 80% life gone

what were some of the teams used?

did arturo use C-sak/cammy/blanka?


nestor - a sakura/bison/blanka rc electricity mid screen death combos haha

josh wong - same

sanford - c sagat/chunli/blanka, a rolento/bison/blanka

arturo - i think he used that team with sagat instead of cammy

guy from MD - i dunno

julian - c vega/blanka/e honda

som d - a sakura/bison/blanka

rob sigley - k raiden/yamazaki/blanka

What about GGXX?

any word on my #1 GGXX student… peter aka FlashMetroid…

I only sorta remeber how things went, just got back. Flash metriod did good, don’t remeber how he placed.


GGXX teams:

  1. (Myself, Gilgamesh, Kono),
  2. (KBNova, Acme, Flash)

GGXX Singles:

  1. Kono,
  2. Elvenshadow
  3. (Flash might be third)

Results! :smiley:

But the main question is…will there be vids? xD

Someone was taping a selected GGXX matches… I believe there will be some videos.

Saturday = mad GGXX/#R fun

damn it:bluu:

Nester is beasty, but Josh was on some crazy run out of the losers. He beat kid, then makes a crazy come back on Arturo (2p side rules :D), and then beasts on sanford…

I guess all the training nights at Som’s helped, even though NONE of got to play CvS2 at all cuz the MAS died, and all we did was play cards and gamble til 5 in the morning. Practicing is for pussies.


josh wong plays cvs2???

last time i talked to him, he said cvs2 licked balls and mvc2 was the only thing he played

josh, you have betrayed everyone lol

don’t tell me losing at T3 made you start playing cvs2

what’s next? third strike???

Why are people always hating on nestor… :o

NOT that I personally know the guy but if he gets his wins people should give him some respect :bluu:

3 place maybe…? hmm! 1st or 2nd was more what i was lookin for… peter you disappoint me…

Flashmetroid was in the Zone yesterday… but maybe he wasn’t ready for the variety of match ups, I really didn’t see many of his matches, though I know a couple of them were really good (with 5 TVs are bound to miss some matches).

3)JoshtheFunkDoc (?)

He’s been playing CvS2 for a long time now.

I just wanna know what happened on sunday.

CvS2 on Sunday =

1.) Arturo Sanchez - C Sak/sagat/Blanka
2.) Nestor “THE FUCKING MAN” Corchado - A-Sakura/bison/sagat
3.) Josh FUCKING Wong - A Sak/Bison/Blanka

Good shit to everyone, I was going to take pictures but my camera died by it turning on in the trunk on the way there =. I had mad fun and got to chill with mad fools. I learned I suck realllllly bad and that I am utter garbage =D, any of you that oppose should stop fronting and just tell me straight out I like taking the truth better then petty lies. I am going to be practicing(nope not procrastinating) unlike last time, so fools should be ready.

Fools need to fear console warriors, we are just as hungry as any other player out there.

I got 4th in cvs2 I lost to nestor/josh wong.

mvc2 results
#1.Sanford Kelly msp/row/mss/santhrax
#2.Brandon Deshields(demon hyo) msp/mss
#3.Josh Wigfall msp/mss/row
#4.Rick Mears santhrax,storm/sent/cable

Winners final me vs wigfall 3-2 me wigfalls getting crasyer fools:evil:
losers final brandon beats wigfall 3-1
I put rick mears in losers 2-0
josh put brandon in losers 2-1

Finals I beat brandon 4-1
GG to all that entered

3s results

#1.Arturo Sanchez ken/chun-li
#2.Sanford kelly Ken/Chun-li
#3.Josh Wigfall:eek: .Chun-li

no marvel results?