March Monthly results (Nickel city in chicago)


1st:Marc "empowered by britney germs"ansay:rowtron
3rd:derek"empowered by a goonie"douglas:mag/storm/sent
4th:Ari"RUN THAT BACK RONALDO"weintraub:msp,Storm/sent/capcom
5th:Tony "me>>>britney because i’m king of the world"Kao:scrub
5th:Rashad "Dp’s suck"miller:Team scrubclops

George beats marc in winner final 3-2.marc beats derek in loser final 3-2.then marc wins final 4-1,4-2.


1st:ari"i hate yun because yun=chipp"weintraub:chun li/ken
2nd:George "i LIKE yun because yun=chipp"fed:yun/ken
3rd: Domingo/tony d 2 headed monster*

George upests ari in winners with a score of 2-1.then tony loses to george in winner final 3-2.Tony then leaves without a saying a word.Domingo then takes tony’s place because domingo doesn’t enter("i can’t play urien on 2.0 :lame: )and loses to ari in loser final 3-0.ari then takes final 4-1,4-3


1st:George"faust is dope"fed:Sol
2nd:mike"Soled out to sol"Bozcar:Faust/bridget/Sol :wtf:

George wins with a perfect score.then beats bozac in final 4-0.


ECC here I come!!!

“Tune in to the mutha-fuckin’ greatest!”

team ya row! is too cheap

sergio, i talked to rashad and he said it’s a possibility to drive down to ecc w/ a rented car if we all plan this shit. so we should do that, it would be much cheaper. if you plan on going to majors you should go to these tournies bakaaaa :o

check the attachment, the 3 winners…
who run it?

gj marc

Do you realize how LUCKY you are sometimes, George? :lol:

1st game with Dizzy… that whiffed DP would’ve been your death, but SOMEHOW, the Ice Spike from the combo whiffed you also. :frowning:

Also, one time, the Ice Spear COMPLETELY passed through you while you were doing repeated air Ps…

and 2nd game with Ky…considering Ky gets raped by Sol, I still somehow pulled it so close… :stuck_out_tongue:



dang marc i haven’t seen you in like a month and the first thing i hear about is you winning a chicago tourny…you too good!

thanks eliver. come down for mwc so you can rock ppl with s.d…lemme know if you do and i’ll see what i can do to help you out. i’m 100% sure on transportation, but i dunno bout housing.

bruce, i’ve been sick like the past month, so i couldn’t play with you guys, and i didn’t even play at all. but im better now. i think you get smarter if you don’t play for a while. we’ll play after break tho.

:wink: That’s what I’m hopin’ on :stuck_out_tongue: :evil:.

Anyways, good job to all top placers.

  • Mike

with me its a fact i think with all top players that how it is i think the mind naturall, after taking a break, reformats everything into place whereas when you keep playing you don’t give you mind time to do so.
It has to be the reason or else it just wouldn’t make sense that that happens and it always with me and my boys