''Mardi Gras'' Regional Tournament- New Orleans La-Saturday February 13, 2010


New Orleans is hosting its 2nd regional tourney during the week of Mardi Gras which is from Jan 30 Feb 16 (Fat Tuesday). Last time we had special guests such as Mvc2 specialist Mike Mixon (Mixup), the fanatic killer Mr. Totalonange and moneymaker himself Ruin from Las Vegas. In Mvc2 Mr. Chris Creccy (Magneto-x) took out Toan (Totalonage) from Houston with his godlike MSP, will we have a repeat this year? This year the main focus is Sf4 and with SSF4 coming out in roughly 2 months or so, I thought it be appropriate that we have our last SF4 tourney during Mardi Gras. Currently, Vegita-xa.k.a IFC Zangief has won 6 ranbats tourneys in a row in SF4.Will he go out on top in becoming the undefeated champ in Sf4 in New Orleans? Well, not if Houston or Mississippi has something to say according to inside sources. There have been reports that people are hungry to take him down and end his ran of terror over the SF4 scene in Louisiana. Ok so listen up, everyone knows that New Orleans is already know as the city that never sleeps, and during Mardi Gras its 100 times worst so please everyone make sure you bring your Mardi Gras bees if you want to see some Tots Tots, and if anyoneis planing on going to bourbon street after the tourny to please bring some condoms with you, No for real, its thats serious. Here is the run down:

Play N Trade
1950 Manhattan Blvd. Suit 102
Harvey La, 70058

Saturday Feb 13, 2010

Registration will begin at 10:00am

Mvc2 (Dreamcast)start time 12noon
T6 (PS3)start time 1pm
SF4 (Xbox)start time 2pm

Venue Fee:

Tournament Fee for each game:

Please everyone be on time and note that there will be a parade passing near the location so traffic is going to be terrible. Also, there will be a special announcement in regards to BFS2 that will be held in May. Lets get that money…


Also right after MVC2 and T6 is over with.

3 vs 3 Team Event will also be held.
$15 per team.

Singles will start right after!

LETS GET IT! I am here to take you and your team down Vegita X!!!


Is the format still single elimination for the team tourney? Might want to post how the matches will go.


Think I might try to make it out with a few heads from houston.


Yea single elimination for team event.

  • $15 per team entry
  • 16 Team cap
  • 3 vs 3
  • 1 of each character per team (no 3 sagats on a team) and no switching
  • Default time and round
  • 1 set
  • No characters banned
  • Format is first team member that loses will step down and next member steps up. Match will go on until every member is eliminated. Winning team advances to next match.
  • Teams must set their order before the start of their matches, order may be changed between matches of the tournament.
  • Prizes will only be 1st 75% and 2nd 25%.


Lets get it…Hope to see u there.


Mvc2 is lookin pretty enticing…


Might want to edit the OP and add the payouts. I know you’ve been doing top 4 in SF4 lately, but just to let the out of towners know.

And the rules: double elim, 2 out of 3, winners, grand finals 3-5, no turbos, etc…


Delayed the UFO tournament for you guys.
Hope this is a good turn out :wink:


Thanks brother.


Sorry guys, wish I can go but family obligations require me to stay in Houston for the next two months. I’ll make it to Battle of the South for sure though.


Bah it’s looking bad for me showing to this (as expected with Mardi Gras and the daughter).

Heed Vegita-X’s words on the Bourbon or the rest of the French Quarter/Parades for that matter. I’d like to add a few: have cab money stashed that you don’t spend, have a camera, don’t bring bags/wallets (stash the ID and cash in a pocket or somewhere hard to get) and don’t even give a cop a reason to be upset with you (they are pretty cool but they aren’t afraid to crack that shit down fast).


thanks bro

hope everything goes well with the fam poochester

patrick ur scum


ima need a tvc side tourney


protip: Drink as much as you possibly can and have unprotected sex with women for beads while smoking newport slims

this is how you get top 8 at MARDI GRAS MADNESS


Ill probably be down there for this. Just tell duane to get on my level b4 i get there.


^flowers? i know thats not big chris talking down


For the few people who wanted to know, the closest hotel to the Play N Trade is a holiday inn express. There’s also a Best Western around the corner, but none are “across the street” walking distance so you’ll probably have to take a 2 minute car ride.


Also, there are people willing to house (not me) but speak up if you guys want to do anything like that, we’ll see what we can do.

Ah, and one more thing, no extra tourneys will be ran. Not enough time/manpower/space, and this also goes to running side-games. Save it for a major like Battle for the South or something, the store is tiny and things have to be run on time to get all the tourneys out the way.


I repeat ima need a tvc side tourney :tup:


Tourney is coming up soon! I hope everyone is practicing because the man to beat is VEGITA X! Lets see who takes him down. Just practice vs. giefs and don’t worry about anyone else :slight_smile: Don’t worry about ryu either!