Marduk 2013.. Any new tech?

I was really excited about being about to use DLT during juggles, but didn’t realize the EX version wasn’t going to work. Has anyone discovered anything worth using?

Probably wont get to play tonight, but I know from testing at SCR that he can replace his gator slam with tackle in combos. Gives you a lot more meter and I’m assuming tackle > P works well with damage scaling. I was using regular launch combo cl.MP x2, cr.MP xx tackle. You just have to make sure that the opponent is low enough so you don’t go under with tackle.

Also, cr.HP is a pretty solid AA with the speed buff.

I love that close MP links into itself. We got links now. Also cr.HP, CADC, close MP is a zillion times easier now.

What is the frames for close MP?

The patch notes said +6 on hit and +2 on block but I haven’t tested it myself. I guess that makes it a 1f link into itself but, it really doesn’t feel like one. Its kinda easy.

The sped up cr. fierce is a really nice buff. On block, cr.jab tick into cr. fierce catches all jump attempts. Dash cancel the cr. fierce and, assuming they jump, there should be enough height to>cr.fierce>gator slam. Mix that with his spd and his tick game is even scarier. Just gotta be mindful of backdashes (which jump rh typically punishes).

Prepatch, I was struggling with good ways to tag Marduk out. I’d use ex gator slam to throw them full screen. Dash forward once to be in a threatening position if they rolled and waited to see what they did on wakeup. If they didn’t roll, it’s a relatively safe tag. If they did roll, I would be in that threatening position when they recovered but would still have a bleeding Marduk on point.
Now that you can punish rolls in 2013 with an spd or throw, I think people will be a lot less eager to roll into Marduk, making for safer tags.