Marduk general overview/potential, options and more!



Hello guys, I’m going to start a little project of mine, the name/purpose of course It’ll remain a secret, for now. However I’d like the help of the community on this. I’ll need some information about the character, I’m do this for every character in the game except Toro/Kuro/Cole/Megaman, so I’ll ask a few questions to gather what I need. I’m doing this but I won’t be a slacker, as in, I’ll be searching every thread to look for what I need, but since some threads aren’t updated in a while, this would be helpful to me and for the community, 'cause the information would be updated.

When giving the information asked try to be specific and clear, regarding inputs and etc, and if you want I’ll gather the values, so you guys won’t need to worry about that. The ideia is to get a general overview of the characters options and potential, I’m talking about hitconfirms, setups and etc.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

.What are the characters strong and weak points?

  • From Mr.Martinez

.Suitable Partners(no need to be exhaustive here, because I’ll play around with this):

  • From Mr.Martinez

.Meterless/Ex(Super/Cross Art) Combos:

.Char specific Setups(on knockdown for example):


**.What are the characters strong and weak points?
low execution for decent damage (even the best Marduk players boost into ex DLT for ~400dmg)
fastest command-grab in the game
some of the most ambiguous cross-ups in the game (
decent long range pokes(when compared to other grapple characters)

Almost impossible to do good damage without bar
crappy air-to-air normals
lacks options, only 3 special moves(one of which never get used) and a ton of useless(unsafe) Tekken chains.
no wake-up options.
one of the worst AC’s in the game

.Suitable Partners(no need to be exhaustive here, because I’ll play around with this):

A battery character with high mobility. ie. Alisa and Raven
Someone with a high tag-cancel to allow Marduk to come in with j.HK(into ground-bounce)


Thanks :smiley: Info added!