Marduk Trouble

I just picked up Marduk, and I am having trouble performing his trial 16. Every time I try to do a gator slam after revolving trap kick, I just get a launcher

You’ll want to do the revolving kick from a bit of space in the corner so you’re not too close. I do something like this, press forward right before i tap lk, mk, then quickly cancel it into Gator Slam afterwards.

Thank you, but does it matter which version of revolving trap kick i do? and did you mean to say backward?

I still can’t figure out trial #19 lol. What Evil-Bart said is good advice and is basically what you should be doing

I use the LK HK version of revolving trap kick.

Watch the trial being performed here (1m 30s). The way I learned the timing of it was through listening to the button taps. It’s a very even beat.


Make sure you get this down if you want to use Marduk. It’s bnb.

Trial 16: you have to do the revolving trap kick a bit late. Sometimes if you do it too early it’ll drop the combo because pressing it early causes the LK to push them too far back. If you get a launcher, then you’re probably going into the 2nd kick too quickly. I do LK-HK because it’s easier to see if you mess it up, but don’t press the 2nd kick until you see marduk starting to bring back his LK. If you keep getting launcher, keep delaying the 2nd hit until you get the timing.

However, as I’ve discussed on other threads, the revolving trap kick isn’t the best wall bounce followup regardless. Even LK wait into c.MP xx gator does more damage, since it’s a link instead of a target combo.

Trial 19: I assume you’re missing the jab body combo? You can plink it to make it a bit easier (MP and LK, since pressing 2 punches gives you overhead chop) but this one is done earlier than you’d probably expect. This is one of my main wall followups, and I get it 95% of the time. Press MP when you see him rebound from the wall. There’s the wall boom then once he starts coming back toward you, around then. So MP, down+HP, and then the c.MP must be done pretty early as well. (If you do it too late, the opponent will be too far and the gator slam will whiff) Try to get this one down though, it’s probably his most damaging followup.

A trick to knowing how I do the combo is by watching his feet. If he uses the same leg after a l.k, m.k then it’s to fast, but if you see him go from his left foot to his right, then you can get the gator slam. That’s usually how I know that it’s working